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Having visited Steve Irwin’s Zoo north of Brisbane many times, I will say that when Mr Williams educates as many people as Steve Irwin did, then he may pass judgement. Until then the only one that sounds ignorant is him. It was a tragic and freak accident. Something that the educators of wildlife go through everyday. Jacque Cousteau et al. Steve Irwin has worked with wildlife for 30 years. Veteran Fireman and policeman die everyday. Are they “ignorant” as well because they ran into the burning building or ran toward the gunfire? I would also like to clue Mr Williams in on the fact that a shark could turn and bite his head off before he had the chance yell “tree hugger”. Steve Irwin knew the risks and commented as such many times. Easy to harp on someone when they’ve died. Completely classless.

From a proud tree hugger

I’d like to point out here that there is a huge difference in risking your life to save someone elses and risking your life harrassing an animal that can kill you and in Steves own words “doesnt know you are there, what you are or that you won’t eat it”

I simply do not swallow the pill that all creatures in nature want contact with humans that he indirectly promoted.

Its great to observe mother nature and i do so a lot, but it is patently wrong to try to hug/ride/pet/feed wild animals

Besdes whoever accussed me of having “class”..Im a pornographer for God’s sake.

I Take 9/11 Off:

Not so much to commemorate that tragic date but as a reminder of all the freedom and liberty that we have allowed our government to strip from us to protect us from the evil “terrorists”. then to hear George Bush talking about freedom and liberty makes me sick to my stomach,all this man studies is how to Curtail it.

I Watched “Telling Nicholas” Yesterday:

Even though the director (James Ronald Whitney) is a personal friend of mine and I worked with him on a prior documentary I have never really wanted to watch “Telling Nicholas”, the subject matter is just too intense and I know from having worked with him how good Ron is at getting people to foget they are on camera.

“Telling Nicholas” is the documentary of a family struggling with how to tell a 7 year old little boy that his mother was killed on 9/11. The documentary starts with the actual footage Ron shot of the trade centers destruction (he lives only blocks away) and progresses through each day as this family hopes that Nicholas’s mom will make it home alive. Intertwined in the story is a second family, a muslim family, who lost a father.

The documentary flows like a made for TV drama but it isn’t, there are no actors, no scripts, you see the drama as it unfolds and it is nothing like anything you have ever seen. Documentary film making at it’s best.

Ron deserved his Emmy and you really should give it a watch…its rerunning on HBO this month.

Steve Lane (Thats Mr Serenity to you) Would Like To Educate Quasarman:

“yet I don’t recall Conservatives demanding that the film not be released or that it be re-edited to make it appear more flattering.”

Ummmm short memory there sir. It was only 3 years ago Repubs were whining about the same thing. Maybe time to put the bottle down. Brain cells and all.

The facts are not correct as said now by ABC, The movies lead star, 9/11 commision members and so on. Yet it was presented as fact and screeners only given to right wing blogs and pundits. They would not give one to President Clinton for cryin out loud. Must be an election year and need to strike some fear into folks again. Was that Bin Laden on TV again yesterday. What do you mean we haven’t caught him yet? You 36% of Bush supporters need to look hard in the mirrror at what this guy has done to this country on many levels. Enough of my sopabox for now

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Steve Lane Continues:

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