Speaking of Trixie Kelly:

Does this look like her to you?

Yes it does to me too, and Trixie is one of my VERY best friends. The image above is from the New “Elektra” Comic Book from Marvel, Elektra as a comic has been around since 1980 ( about 5 years longer than Trixie Kelly has been alive) but this is a new incarnation of the character. The eyes, lips and hair are unmistakeably Trixie.

Trixie had this to say: “Ya it’s weird it’s definitely a mirror image of me, right down to my big feet. They never contacted me or anything so I don’t know for sure but I guess I am flattered.”

Indeed, modeled after Trixie or not this is a porn first. Lots of pornchacks have had comics but none anything as mainstream as a Marvel Comic.

Andrew Takes Me to Task for Disagreeing with his top 50:

Thanks for your most generous deconstruction of my porn power 50 for Arena. Obviously, I do know about porn, as I work for one of the largest US porn magazines, but what you have to understand is that the list was aimed at a young British readership, and had no pretensions to accuracy in terms of ‘who can make or break you’, Instead, it was a subjective list meant to entertain, and wasn’t nearly as tediously American-centric as you would have it. For the Arena readers, Paul Raymond has had much more sway over their porn consumption than Berth Milton or Paul Fishbein. If I’d been writing it for AVN – god forbid, I’m a real journalist as well – the list would have been different, but instead it was a lively mix of unknown Americans, rising Brits and a few old hands.


Hey thanks for writing I will definitely post your response. Yours are of course your opinions and mine are mine, and the beauty is that if everyone thought the same….this would be a bloody boring world…as you Brits would say.

You know that guy that Went Over Niagra Falls Last Week? Here’s his Picture:

OK, now who gave Ron Jeremy the hair coloring?

Even more suspicious is when he told reporters moments after this photo was taken that he fell into the Niagra River when he dropped his box of Krispy Kreme Doughnuts and tried to retrieve them.

Thanks to my buddy Beater for this one!

9910cookie-checkSpeaking of Trixie Kelly:

Speaking of Trixie Kelly:

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