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I’m going on my third year of doing this site, making it the oldest porn news, gossip, blog site on the net that is still owned and operated by the guy that started it. Only has outlasted me as a continuing site but it has changed ownership and writers many times.

I started reading in my archives back on day 1, January 29, 2002. I had written before that but not on a daily basis. As I read forward a few things really started to stand out. One is that porners aren’t as careless in thier public stupidity as they used to be and the other was that it was a LOT better read than Jenna’s book.

I was a funny mother fucker at times too….and harsh as hell. I seem to have lost a lot of that, maybe it’s old age, maybe it’s just hard to write almost everyday for three years and stay fresh. probably it’s both.

I have been critical at times with the Free Speech Coalition, AIM, Digital Playground, AVN and countless others, all in what I felt was a constructive way and looking back I actually think I may have had some effect, not enough I don’t think but if nothing else I raised awareness and said what a lot of people had been thinking.

Go back and give the archives a read, its funny, fascinating, sad and interesting and if you happen to know anyone that might wanna make a book out of it all, send em my way.

Finally, Happy New Year to all my readers and thank you for allowing me into your lives via this site.


A Letter From A Member:

Mike South,

I have never written a letter before to an adult site maybe because I have only joined a few. I got a new dual layer DVD burner for christmas and I was intrigued by what I saw on I admit I didn’t expect much but with only 29 bucks at stake I decided it was worth a shot.

I joined and I downloaded 8 of your scenes Paulina, Butterfly, Kylie, Brooke, Kimber, Makayla, Jill Austin and Maggie, They totaled about 2 hours of video. It took one hour to download them all on my cable connection.

I have never made a dvd in my life. My DVD burner came with Sonic MyDVD I started it and added all your scenes it was very simple, much simpler than I thought.

As you said on the site it would need to transcode the audio, it took it about 20 minutes to do that and to decide how to layout the DVD, it then burned the single layer DVD in 15 minutes and said it was done.

I thought that there was no way this was going to be this quick and this simple. I took the DVD and put it into my DVD player on my widescreen TV. I was blown away. The picture and sound quality was perfect, just as you said it would be. It was even way better than some of the Vivid DVDs I purchased at a video store. The menus were automatically generated and everything.

You are on to something Mike, in less time than it would have taken me to go and buy a DVD I downloaded it, burned it and got exactly the scenes I wanted on it. best of all the quality was absolutely perfect.

I have not seen this anywhere else, even the big sites like Digital Playground, Vivid, Wicked and Hustler don’t have anywhere near this quality. Congrats to you on an outstanding website and may it be hugely successful for you.

Marlon, A Very Happy Customer

Marlon, Thank You! I need feedback like this because this site is a brand new concept. Nobody else is doing it not mainstream not anywhere. You really can download and burn your own DVDs and it really is simple.

Thanks for your letter.


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