Some Notes on the Blackout:

First Jacklyn Lick takes FULL Responsibility

August 17th, 2003

Jacklyn Lick was featuring this last week in New Jersey at Frank’s Chicken House. It was rumoured that the black out was caused by her plug in vibrator.

Sources confirmed that Jacklyn Lick was masturbating in her hotel room around 4 pm, shortly before the black out on Thursday. Jacklyn is known to travel with her giant plug in vibrator that has been known to short out her neighbors television in her apartment in Los Angeles. She regrets that she may have caused so much trouble, and wishes to find a vibrator of that caliber that uses batteries rather than a wall plug in. She will be counting on Las Vegas Novelties products in the future.

Harry Weiss Says NO, It was me!

Harry Weiss writes that it was he who caused the blackout. Harry says he invented electricity first and he wasn’t getting his proper respects from those power companies so he pulled the plug. He also said that if Red Lobster doesn’t start paying him for putting all the fish in the sea that they will be next.

Speaking of Fish:

Hey there South Pole!
While my roomates are having more nudey pool parties, I am back to my roots! I am a Rocky Mountain girl! Colorado! I have been visiting family in Denver this week…NO SEX!! So, what is second best..FISHING!! Here I am in Clear Creek County at Clear Lake! Unfortunately out of my five catches of the day, none of these rainbow trouts were past 10 inches. I am sure when I get back to LA I will not have a problem hooking longer lengths!! LOL
I am still having fun!
xxoo Vandalia

Ok that little fish wouldn’t even qualify as BAIT where I fish….I am wondering though…should I buy

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Some Notes on the Blackout:

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