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It’s a sweeps week so your local news and shows like “A Current Affair” are pulling out all the stops to get you to tune in to sensationalized stories. And what could be better than the tale of a poor little pornette from Canada getting murdered in the making of an honest to God Snuff film.

You prolly saw the bit or read about it over on lukeisback. It was pure conjecture of course but the impact wasn’t lost.

What struck me is how most porners act appalled that ACF would even consider accusing us of being low enough to make a snuff film. We are far above that shit…right?

Fact is there’s more than a few porners who would make a snuff film if they thought for a split second that they could get away with it and I guarantee you everyone in Porn Valley including the almighty AVN would jump up and say it was protected free speech.

I hear you guys now saying..nonsense. Wanna Bet? I have proof!

See it isn’t so much that porners would or wouldn’t make a snuff film, its that many have actually tried, though they probably would claim that it was by accident.

You see choking became all the rage in porn not long ago…it still happens too…all too often. So naturally some dumb fuck porn stud figures that if choking is good then choking the girl till she passes out is even better. Now what did AVN have to say about it?


This site and a few others rallied to raise awareness and indeed that curtailed the practice some…some.

And that ain’t the only behaviour that we as an industry practice that could kill of our own, the practice of ass to mouth has laid low many a pornchick and has caused many infections that left untreated could well lead to death. But hey it’s just some dumb porn chick right…no great loss there so long as it isn’t Rocco or Jules or someone important.

So when the porners act all self righteous over these kind of stories like the one that ran on A Current Affair..just remember…It’s only a matter of time.

Zaphod Beeblebrox Sends a Press Release:

Vapid Video Signs Trinity Bland as Newest Contract Star
Arizona Bay – Trinity Bland, former Miss Dumptruck County and Tripe Magazine’s Slag of the Year has signed long-term, exclusive contract with Vapid Video.

Bland, a native of Springfield, made her way to Arizona Bay at the age of 19 and got her start in the adult industry working for a topless dog grooming service before finally garnering attention after appearing in Tripe Magazine by winning their monthly “Drunk Chick at the Bar” contest in August of 2002.

When asked about the signing, Vapid Video publicist John Square said, ”It’s cool. You know, we’re happy to have her, and stuff. She’s pretty and all.”

The former Slag of the Year was also overjoyed about the new opportunity and stated, “It’s totally exciting. Totally. I mean I’m totally going to make a killing off this contract and I’m totally going to get some new boobs and, you know, it’s literally totally exciting.” Bland has never done hardcore before, and doesn’t plan to now according to Square. On the topic he said, “No! Are you kidding? We’re an adult entertainment company. We are not some porno company. I mean come on.” To that, Miss Bland replied, “Duh. Totally.”

OK THAT is genius….I will have to call Tim Case and read it to him, he will appreciate it as much as you guys do.

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