Scott Writes:

Man,.i can’t believe you left out the most obvious one

Yank Bro Writes:

people often describe mike south as a fat dick, although this has nothing to do with the size of his genitals…

Top 10 Songs at Pornstar Karaoke Last Night:

10. Like A Hurricane – Neil Young
9. Down in the Flood – Bob Dylan
8. Wind of Change – The Scorpions
7. Blowin in the Wind – Bob Dylan
6. Blowin Away – Bonnie Raitt
5. Whirlwind – Dispatch
4. Flood – Tool
3. Blow Away – Staind
2. Drown – Limp Bizkit

And the Number One song at Tuesdays Pornstar Karaoke

1. When the Levee Breaks – Led Zeppelin


OK, Ladies I Don’t Get It, Please Feel Free to Enlighten Me:

What is it with these God awful long toed shoes that have become all the rage these days?

The damn things make your feet look 4 sizes bigger….why in the world would an average size 7 want to look like she has size 11 feet? That’s what has always been done to ugly witches…These shoes look like something “Sea Hag” from the old Popeye cartoons would wear. Have you actually LOOKED at yourself while wearing these hideous things?

Someone has played a joke on you methinks…..

16320cookie-checkScott Writes:

Scott Writes:

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