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had I been handed this script and a 100,000 dollar budget to make this movie Iwould have handed it back”

What…?!? You must have come to this conclusion mid-way into a serious Wild Turkey & grapefruit binge my friend. Turn down a 100K to make a movie… No matter how bad the script is…. I’d like to see the Vegas odds on this.

Bad writing… Impossible shooting schedule… Tight budget… Less than stellar acting… Continuity nightmares galore… Location logistics that suck… Let’s not forget the cantankerous crew that devours everything edible within a 1 mile radius of the set like a swarm of giant mutant locus. Sounds like the hallmarks of just about every independent movie ever made. And most mainstream Hollywood flicks for that matter.

It’s kind of like captaining the Titanic through a maze of icebergs at night with cargo hold full of nitro & a time-bomb hidden on board. Sure, odds are you’ll crash & burn in a spectacular fireball. But so what? You just might pull it off….

So anytime you get suitcase stuffed with $100K & a stinky script feel free to send them my way. I’ve got plenty of C-47’s to handle the stench. And the $50k or so I skim off the top will go a long way toward financing my next (probably equally foul) independent feature. 😉

God I love this guy!

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SBP Writes:

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