Ryan Asks About Diana Rosebush

Hi Mike,The sites awesome mucho informative. Was browsing through some of you past posts and spotted an absolute super hotty named Diana Rosebush who was in your South Pole Boogie music video. Has she done anything in the industry? She’s hotter than a lot of the contract girls out there. If she’s in a fuck film I gotta see it! Let me know what ya dig up. Thanks for your time and keep on keepin on brotha! See ya.




Thanks for the kind words brudda…The closest Diana Rosebush got to porn was the Southpole Boogie Video, which admittedly was not very close.  I agree with ya that she is a stunningly beautiful chicky and she coulda had a BIG future in porn…still could prolly. She even has the perfect porn name already.

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Ryan Asks About Diana Rosebush

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