Richard Writes:


If these alleged musical groups are so good, why is it that they aren’t out banging groupies instead of trolling porn conventions? Damn, I was in cover bands for years and got laid every week by different chicks…these are supposed to be big time acts.

Mystikal…Clee…Money B….Biohazard….will there be any musicians at Adult Expo that anyone outside of the LA city limits has heard of?



Sure giuys Like Lemmy Killmeister…of course nobody in porn knew who he was last year…

David Aaron Clark Writes:

Au contraire, noble Southerner,

Was delighted to bend elbows with the noble Lemmy at the after-awards party; he had been a guest at my 40th birthday party because of a mutual friend, and we had quite the time cackling over the pretensions of our respective entertainment industries and the empty dreams promised by awards. “Fuck ’em all,” Lemmy toasted.

Ten minutes later I met this crazy Hawaiian chick who said we had known each other in a previous life and who showed up in L.A. on my doorstep eight months later, but that’s really just a highly entertaining digression …

Happy Holidays to ya and look forward to that beer in Vegas!

Damn I gotta party with DAC….

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Richard Writes:

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