Richard Writes:

Ernest Greene is confusing the fact to matter why Cal-Osha have investigate Aim.  Let see have been forth coming with facts to matter of hiv case that been slip through them.  That have been less than friendly with state agencies investigate them over hiv cases in fact try sue them not let them see their files. They have done thing make them self look guilty as hell to every one look at facts over hiv case that gone through them. I disagree with Ernest Greene they have done good job of dealing with hiv. People like Ernest living in denial for way thing been done at Aim are very reason that Cal_Osha State health agencies have come in becuase thing are wrong at Aim to many people in porn look to there over matter. Now price well paid for that. Just my opinion.


I think Richard kind of sums up the way most people see this.  Don’t be too hard on him for his writing here, I guarantee you he writes English a hell of a lot better than you write his native language.

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Richard Writes:

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