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[I’m pretty sure that English is this guys second language, he went to a lot of trouble to rite this, so here it is…]I got this out air I am not fan or friend of Eli Cross or Kylie Ireland. I once was than I got meet Kylie Irland found out real fast what she was about so did friend mine Jewel Denyle. Eli Cross is no saint. What say below does make look smart as he think he is. Infact why would write whole page attack Gene Ross on myspace page if his story did mean any thing to him???  A man who does take his owen advise when come Gene Ross how smart do you have be see how dumb that is. Why is all who knows who game when comes who worked at Avn what they did when they work there??? Eli  all,s like say well Avn has his back trouble is who got Avn back special sent close to going where ksex end up??? Than fair tail spin out on how ever thing is lie. Let see law suite is lie investor looking pull out Kylie Ireland company is lie. After all she was beging for people invest in her for long time. Than spend long write attack on Gene Ross. Do not get wrong Gene Ross is on my shit list special after pulled crap he did on Kayden Cross. But Eli say below short on facts more about how Gene Ross is this and that. Hell ever one know this. For man that think he smarter than ever one in porn act like he got  caught at Adam and Eve is do damage control . Yet his spin seem hard to beleave.  When truth comes out Mike house of Kylie Ireland company she just start well fall flat on face. Just for fact Kylie not bring big money she once did the fact she back out fucking porn flicks for money.

I think He was referencing this:

Eli Cross stuff pulled because apparently he really is the moron that Gene said he is. OK Eli you had one guy supporting you and you decide to be a  bitch, so now you got zero.

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Richard Writes

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