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My name is Nick and I am a member of and a longtime friend of xxx (although I haven’t seen him in a few years). I just wanted to take a few minutes to let you know what a great job you are doing with the websites. I find myslef reading the forum and entries almost every day. I really enjoy them, keep up the good work. I really enjoy the input from Kayden Kross, she seems to be a very intelligent young woman. One more thing about the videos, the Cori Love-Zoey video was excellent, I have enjoyed that one several times. I hope we see a lot more of Zoey and Cori.

Now I have a favor to ask. I am going to Ohio at the end of July and will be using Dayton as my jumping off and back on place so to speak. I will be flying into Dayton and I have a few extra days and thought I would visit the Flamingo Show Club. I have read a lot about it and it seems to be a great place. The question I have is are there any decent motel/hotels near the club. I know that you go there a lot and have shot videos there as well and you seem to familiar with the area. I will be by myself and I am not looking for a $200-$300 hotel. I am looking for something pretty nice that I would not be ashamed to take someone to if I were to get lucky, lol. I will probably be in Dayton Thursday afternoon and night and will leave  late Friday and will return to Dayton probably on Sunday night or Monday. I am going to the Air Force Museum like you suggested.

You will love the Air Force Museum, it’s amazing and best of all it’s free!

As for the hotel I like the Hawthorn Suites on Poe Ave, nice big rooms and a decent price plus it’s close to the club.

Speaking of the club stop in and say hello to my buddy Tim, drop my name at the door and ya get in free! ( Membership has it’s privileges )

Let me know how it works out for ya…Have Fun!

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Reader Mail

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