Private Pure Play Merger Death For Black Widow:

The GGG videos that were recently announced as becoming available here will apparently go into a holding pattern. I have learned that the recent distribution agreement between Private NA and Pure Play will not include the Black Widow line, indicating that it was too hard core for the American market.

GGG from John Thompson is hugely popular in Europe but has never found solid distribution here. Kick Ass Pictures distributed 2 volumes and quit the series.

BT Writes:

You know, the thing you gotta admire about Marilyn, Seka, Ginger, Veronica Hart, and Ashlyn is that for all their girl next door looks, there was nothing they didn’t do, even in their prime. They all did facials, anals, and DPs when they were hot — none of this, I only do girls until I’m ten years on and just broke up with my husband so I need the money, like Janine.

I guess the other thing for me is that they were gorgeous versions of women I knew — not cartoon-versions of real women like so many of today’s stars.

I dated girls who looked like Ginger and Veronica Hart. They looked like girls I’d meet at a restaurant, the mall, or at work. It’s what made them so exciting.

My two cents.

I think you nailed it, they were pretty, not plastic and they looked like someone everyone knew or wanted to.

Just Damn…I Mean JUST DAMN!

BUCHAREST (Reuters) – A elderly Romanian man mistook his penis for a chicken’s neck, cut it off and his dog rushed up and ate it, the state Rompres news agency said Monday.

It said 67 year-old Constantin Mocanu, from a village near the southeastern town of Galati, rushed out into his yard in his underwear to kill a noisy chicken keeping him awake at night.

“I confused it with the chicken’s neck,” Mocanu, who was admitted to the emergency hospital in Galati, was quoted as saying. “I cut it … and the dog rushed and ate it.”

Doctors said the man, who was brought in by an ambulance bleeding heavily, was now out of danger

Now how in the Sam Hell do you mistake your penis for a chicken neck?

Steve Writes:

OK tell me one person who is more deserving than Fish. Just being honest here….”

The Supreme Court who didn’t out right ban it.

Good one indeed.

Beater Writes:

Two words….

Angela Summers


Goddess Whose Sig is longer than her Email Writes:

“oy you oughta be ashamed…

talk about your blatant KISS UPS..that one to Fishbein reeked…”

“There’s nothing more dangerous than an unstable woman with a website.”

Three out of four people agree. My site rules!
“Goddess is the best thing to come out of the trailer park since Jeff Foxworthy.” Jay Moyes
“There are few writers out there as funny…” TheLady
“You suck.” Strat
“Goddess is the pioneer of cutting edge trailer park journalism!” – Alexander The Poet

OK tell me one person who is more deserving than Fish. Just being honest here….

Richard Writes:

Here are a few other overlooked folks that deserve to be in the Porn Video Hall of Fame.

1.Edwin Land,inventor of the Polaroid Camera.Yes,it’s a still camera,but his Land Camera began the home porn era.Which brings us to ….
2.The guys at Sony that invented the original beta home camcorder,which led to the development of mini dv,which made shooting porn easier.Again,the size and ability to shoot porn without getting it developed at a lab put shooting porn into the masses hands.Ok,so maybe that was a bad idea.Now everyone with a mini dv camera seems to be a porn producer.
3.The internet creators-not Al Gore.The internet not only made it easier to order porn straight to your door,it developed into a portal to an entire new world of porn production,and craeted a lot of rich people in the industry.

Just a thought….

And How Right you are my friend no doubt.

As I Thought About The Last Article I Wrote:

I went back and looked at who IS in the Hall of Fame, and a few names came into my mind because they weren’t there. Names Like Marc Stevens, Serena and Zebedy Colt. Most Porners and Pornettes have long forgotten these names if they ever heard of them at all.

Janine is in there thought I think it’s a stretch to call her “in porn” until she did boy/girl.

But most of the aforementioned names were from the days before porn was shot on Video and it is the Adult VIDEO News Hall of Fame.

But Bob Chinn is there and so is John Holmes, they weren’t known for their work in Video. Ditto Leslie Bovee and Bambi Woods who as far as I know were never shot on anything but film.

And why is Tami Monroe in there? The only thing she did other than some mediocre videos was to marry Chuck Zane.

Lysa Thatcher isn’t in it either, wonder whatever happened to her, she had that young Cybill Sheppard look.

And what about Linda Lovelace? true she wasn’t exactly a friend of porn in the end but she is still one of the 3 most recognized female names in porn.

And ya know what? Paul Fishbein isn’t in there either, sure he works for AVN, hell he IS AVN but I can think of few people more deserving to be in the Hall of Fame, he has done much for this biz.

What about Samantha Fox (the pornstar not the singer) [my bad she is in there!] or Jack Wrangler or Robyn Byrd?

What about Rinse Dream? He wasn’t prolific but Cafe Flesh was a true cult crossover, at least as important as Johnny Keyes who is in the Hall of Fame.

And what about Serenity? She is at least as deserving as Asia Carrera.

Max and Ed Powers are there but the true pioneer of reality porn “Ugly George” (a dispicable human being IMHO) isn’t mentioned.

I could go on and on, I guess just like any Hall of Fame theres some that continually get overlooked and others that nobody is sure why they are there…Kinda interesting though.

Maybe someone at AVN would be kind enough to email me the criteria for eligibility in the Hall of Fame, not to beat up on anyone but I’m curious what is considered when considering inductees.



The Deadline for AVN Awards Noms Has Now Passed:

I have been hard on AVN at times this year, but ya know what I’d still be proud as a peacock of a nomination and I would be extraordinarily proud of induction into the Hall of Fame. At least I can’t be accussed of selling out to get them, I got a pre nom for best pro am video. Last year I was overlooked because they claimed they didn’t get my vids in time…turned out they did, but it was an honest mistake. This year I know they got em. I also know that in my second year of eligibility I got a a nom or two for the Hall of Fame.

When I look back at who is actually in the Hall of Fame theres a lot of very deserving people in there and a few I’m not so sure about but not one person in that Hall of Fame is someone I never heard of and many of them I know quite well.

Don’t ask me why I would be honored to be there, I just know I would, what I don’t know is if I am indeed deserving, time will tell.


My Buddy Dallas Has His Site Back Up:

and his ask the mayor column is a frank and funny read, the fact that a guy actually asks what to do about the fact that his dick is on fire when he urinates….I mean do ya have to ask?

Opus Now Owned By Disney? Steve Dallas to Sue? Milo Recoils in Horror:

As a Bloom County fan from way back this caught my eye.

LOS ANGELES – Miramax Films will co-finance and distribute computer-animated family films starting with “Opus,” adapted from the popular “Bloom County” comic strip, the company said Thursday.

The Bloom County comic by Berkley Breathed was aimed at anything but kids it was adult and political in nature, not unlike Pogo before it should be interesting to see what Disny has planned here.



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Private Pure Play Merger Death For Black Widow:

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