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See this is where the problem is… I like dealing with some of them, and others more than some. But, I’ll choose whoever I want to deal with, and so will the talent – and this is where the struggle for CONTROL starts with this make-believe aliance. If a talent doesn’t want to be with an agent – that agent (one in particular attempts this all the time) that agent will BLACKLIST that talent and start rumors that she is a flake, a thief, a bad performer, etc… but wont let her out of her contract, keep her photos on thier agency site and attempt to blacklist any producer who hires her. FUCK THAT!

And what if an agent doesn’t get a model work? The talent tries to get work on her own and she is punished for that? That’s absurd. And, then that talent is not able to get out of her contract? FUCK THAT TOO! And I know which agent started this whole thing, and all the talent with this agency rarely works while everyone is driving all over LA with fake aliances pretending that they are not in competition with each other WASTING VALUABLE TALENT BOOKING TIME and still the unemployed talent sits on a couch in a model house wondering if she’ll get blacklisted by answering her myspace from someone who actually wants to HIRE AKA EMPLOY HER!!! Does that talent have to obey or get blacklisted?

No, I have a better solution – be a better agent and spend 100% of your time booking jobs instead of arguing with people and forming fake alliances acting like it’s good for the talent when it’s just yourself that you are woried about. I shoot every day. Hey talent that is reading this – Need a job? (they do read you know) Click the sig below and contact me. I pay cash.

Anyone have a problem with that? It’s called FREE ENTERPRISE!!! Get you wannabe MONOPOLY to try to sue me instead of spending your time BOOKING JOBS!!! I paid out more in talent fees this year than your agent’s rented house almost in foreclosure is worth.

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Peter Responds

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