Our Industry Should Hold Itself To Higher Standards

Mr South,

I regret that I can’t tell you which company I work for but I agree with you one hundred percent about the way some of the people in the biz present themselves to the public. There are some companies that won’t play the “Jerry Springer” game though.  Look at Wicked, you mentioned Stormy but you won’t see Jessica Drake or Mikayla being subjected to that kind of abuse and can you imagine Jesse Jane or Stoya being treated that way? Adella would politely and quietly walk them straight the hell out of that studio.  Wicked and Digital Playground care about the image of the contract girls.

When we allow ourselves to be dragged into the gutter, it doesn’t matter what the circumstances are, we are still in the gutter.

What happened to Bree is sad on many levels, she shouldn’t have to even be in that position, no one should.  You used to rail about how this industry should come together and present a united front, nowhere is this more evident than in the mainstream press. When you refuse to go on “Jerry Springer”you send the message that you aren’t a “stupid whore”, even if you may be a whore at least you aren’t the ten dollar crack whore who will do anything for a “PR Fix”

Our industry should hold itself to higher standards.

Thanks for editing this so my writing won’t be recognizable


Thanks for taking the time to write me.  So far I haven’t had a single email that offered that this type of PR is in any way positive. If you would like to differ Id love to hear from you.

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Our Industry Should Hold Itself To Higher Standards

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