OK it seems I was either decieved or my source isn’t as knowledgeableas he claimed.

Mark Wallace has in fact shot a movie as a director. I want to know what name he directs under and who is putting out this movie.

Jessie Jackson Writes:

Them Bad Apples are a groovy band. Would you like to play down at the Church next week? I am having a gathering and a march towards peace in the middle east, and a chicken raffle to help the needy pornograpghers in California at the jewish teen center in Tarzana on Burbank Blvd. on Wed. next week. We are hoping that Gene Ross will contribute for his site, www.therealgeneross.com. That is right we will join forces, religion, it do not matter, because I may convert myself for the sake of www.subvionfilms.com. They have donated 4 battered frozen chickens, along with many other companies like www.teenslam.com, donating prizes for the raffle. www.ainews.com has donated 15 wild alley cats for the raffle. We have www.mikesouth.com sending some southern style po! cket protectors, with some western style chaps. www.simplyjimmyd.com is sending a shuttle, probably the white truck he drives to work because the parking will be dificult. These are two religions, and porn companies, websites, come together to start the peace process. Come join as www.setgo.com gives out free posters of Lukeford himself, selling his book also since no one will buy it in the stores. We are getting a table now at Costco for Luke to sign at. www.sexxxthrills.com will be there to capture all the shindigs on camera. Other Stars may appear, such as Al Sharpton, in which we all know may win the Presidential Campaign since I lost in the late 80’s. I will even throw in a free both to be setup excepting canned foods for angry Muslims in Palestine. Whatever we cannot ship over seas will be devoured by the master webmaster Wanker Wang in! our chili eating contest. Come join the fun, or a website, and as they say in Compton Booyah!

Rev. Jesse Jackson

I don’t believe this is Jessie cuz it don’t rhyme.

Seems the Tampa Scumbag gets around:

Hi Mike,

The “Scum in Tampa” guy is also trolling for talent on OneModelPlace:

Marco Pallotti

PS Check out my cat’s website at www.littlegrayguy.com (there are over 10,000 photos of naked women holding my cat).

OK that was a shameless plug but ya earned it….and I looked up that guy on OMP….I love how he profile says:

“At Gator Bay Films, we expect all of our models be disease and drug free and to act professional at all times while on location at shoots.”

Oh ya he is really acting professional with that horseshit he is spewing…Ladies this is one you wanna avoid….I’d bet on it.

They have had Brown, They Have had Gray Now it’s Time for….Blonde?:


Just wanted you to know that Mary Carey has officially declared her intention to run for governor of California. She will be out & about in the city on Tuesday, gathering signatures to put her on the ballot.

Mary’s campaign slogan is:

“We’ve had Brown…we’ve tried Gray…now it’s time for some Blonde!”

Mary’s staff of campaign advisors are working on her platform this very moment. More details as they come in…!

OK that’s just too surreal….I do get to fondle Mary in Tampa this year though….I sure hope she sexes me….I usually just get fucked by the Guvna’s office…

9200cookie-checkOK it seems I was either decieved or my source isn’t as knowledgeableas he claimed.

OK it seems I was either decieved or my source isn’t as knowledgeableas he claimed.

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