OK Here’s a Good Question:

A guy marries a girl who is 17 years old, perfectly legal in almost every state. He takes naked photos of her…doesn’t publish them or anything, just naked pics….is he guilty of possesion of child pornography?

Maybe I will send that question to Paul Cambria….

Kernes Responds:

Yes, it is child porn.

Mark Kernes, AVN (not a lawyer, but one isn’t needed for this one)

Richard Makes a Point:

Porners probably have been doing stupid things lately. We haven’t noticed though because of the stupidity of the left wing anti America crowd protesting Those people are so stupid…how can porn folks compete with them?

I think Richard has a point here….So far as I know only Mark Kernes has come out againstus slapping down Saddam, But that is to be expected…Kernes is a card carrying Democrat of the far left variety no matter what his claims to the contrary. But I do salute him for excersising his right to protest…it’s appears to be the only excersise he gets …


I wish I da a dime for every email I got that indicated that while Matt Zane is indeed alive his career has been dead forever….Hell I’d have a buck fifty….

The French Army jokes have dwindled though.

It Seems That We Have Made a Difference:

Thanks to all the gossip sites these days porners are MUCH more wary of doing publicly stupid things, I long for the old days, now I actually have to hunt for interesting things to write about, and I’m not the only one. JimmYD wrote a whole update about buying cigarettes from an Indian (thats Indian as in frim India) Damn where is Kid Vegas and the shit heads at Extreme when we need em?


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OK Here’s a Good Question:

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