Of everything I have ever written about this asphixiation thing now holds the record for the most responses.

Of everything I have ever written about this asphixiation thing now holds the record for the most responses. I appreciate everyone who took the time to email me on this issue. It is important to us all. I don’t think that Mark Davis or Greg Alves meant anyone any harm, they were just ignorant of the facts. That’s OK They aren’t any longer and from what I understand Zero Tolerance will now have a Zero Tolerance policy towards choking scenes. Score one for the good guys. Interestingly enough nobody but LT seemed to feel strongly about the ass to mouth and bumfuck thing. That one is gonna bite us, no way around that, too many people seem to think it’s OK. Lets see how Dion and Greg Alves feel about that one when they have to sit in front of a jury and explain how the girl consented to get that staph infection…

From LT:

On the choking (and the whole laundry list)…right on Mike!. These people are misogynists pure and simple, there’s no other word for it. And if you or I did anything on that list, we’d be doing time for it…so long as it wasn’t in L.A. and we weren’t in the “adult industry”. Soon they will kill some girl, but I’m sure they’ll just dump the body somewhere and point out she was drugging and hooking. They’ve already got a cover for anything…and the cops help.

It’s time for the protectors in the LAPD and the L.A. politicos to fall with them.

Without their help, it never would have gotten to this point. They’re back to their passing the buck with the state and locals. Same as it ever was.

First it was anal…then DPs, then DAPs, then A2M, then puking…

And I have to get a word in on my favorite subject, the breast implants, because even though no one wants to acknowledge it – a lot of that was handled and came about in the same way. It’s part of the whole thing.

Kind of a modified version of “and then they came for me” isn’t it?

The amazing thing is these assholes could easily find girls willing to do all of these things…but then where would the fun be for them in that?

Again, if you, I, any of your other readers would do some of these things…our asses would be in prison so quick our heads would spin.

Why is it different if it’s “porn”?

Take care,

And From Mark Kernes:

I hate to throw pragmatism into the discussion, but in reading about this asphyxiation thing, I couldn’t help but remember something one of the First Amendment attorneys said to me, which was, “When you’re making a movie, one of the things that should be uppermost in your mind is, ‘How will I feel, sitting in the defendant’s chair, as this is played for a jury, and how will this look to that jury?'” Because, given the current governmental attitude toward this industry, that’s where such a moviemaker is likely to wind up.


Who’d a think it, me, Mark Kernes and LT ALL agree on something…

And From Pornoboy:


Excuse me for being a fan boy jumping into a conversation between “professionals”, but did anyone bother to watch the scene that Mark Davis had with Boo? She DOES NOT lose consciousness during this scene…not once, not even for a second! And while I don’t condone the idea of even “pretend” choking in an adult film, let’s make it perfectly clear that what happened in this Zero Tollerance movie isn’t anything different from what we’ve seen in dozens of gonzo titles on the market, from other companies and other male talent.

It really sounds to me like someone has it out for either Greg Alves or Mark Davis, although Alves really brought it on himself if he indeed claim that Boo lost consciousness in her scene, which she clearly does not.

While I agree that this is a dangerous practice that should be stopped, let’s keep the facts straight and also admit that Mark Davis isn’t the only performer and Zero Tollerance isn’t the only company showing this kind of stuff in their movies.

What you saw was the “edited version” which does not contain said footage. But you are free to jump into any confab here…I encourage participation and you are likely not the only one to notice this.


And a followup:

Mr South,
Let me first say that I am woman enough, as is Carly, to apologize for coming off so insensitive when it came to the “choke” rant. I was relaxing by my pool and had time to think about how emotional a reaction I gave (bad day a work, someone stole my pager). But I do still stand firm on my initial conviction of the notion of how wrong it is and worse what the outcome could be for others when it goes wrong. As for any disrespect for Mark/Zero Tolerance, as my words just got away from me, I am sorry. I am sure that there are some that saw me as a bitch/cunt/whore for
speaking what I felt at the time, but hey, I get that everyday in my job, Dont worry I have thick skin. There is just so much stupid shit going on (not just this incident) and no one seems to have control over certain acts or protecting those being abused. I am not a porn hater, nor do I judge someone for what they view… it is just the idea of fans “re-inacting” stuff they see. I am very secure in my sexuality, and have had plenty of encounters with men, who do view porn. If I decide to do whatever (anal etc..) just as long as we communicate on what we are comfortable
with. The incident in HS has not effected my sex life at all, as I have over come many other adversities bigger than that in my adult life, building a much stronger person.

I don’t think you really owe anyone an apology, the only way to get porners attention sometimes is to “slap em upside the head” we have done that and from what I hear Zero Tolerance is no longer very proud of this scene and any such future scenes won’t happen.

Still More:

Dear Mike,

I am from the science industry and questions of ethics often arise. People will usually put a lot of thought into the ethics of studies when required. However, it is mostly self-regulation where the critiquing is strictly in-house. They will think long and hard about things and as a result they think they come up with the right answers. The problem with this is that there is no alternative perspective and they often miss the big picture, which is easier to see from the outside looking in. So, they have the best intentions but do not always come up with the correct answer. You must be aware, though, that even external regulation requires that the reviewers are familiar with the risks. Quite often, the reviewers are just bureaucrats, which, in science, can be a problem in itself but this is not what I should be talking about …

Using the stated approach of Marc Davis, where he tells the girls to let him know if they are not comfortable, as indirect evidence, I wager that he thinks he has acted responsibly. However, what is missing here is a big picture perspective. As in, regardless of how careful I am or think I am and regardless of what the girl is into, can tolerate or wants to experience, am I acting responsibly in regards to her safety? What are the risks involved? It doesn’t matter if it is consensual. This is no defence in a court of law against a manslaughter charge. Cases where someone dies from choke-fucking seem to pop-up periodically. All this risk for a few minutes of pleasure or to make a bloody porn film. Why bother?

Choke fucking cannot be good for you. I mean, look at Tera Patrick. Too bad such a fucked up brain went into that body. I’m sure the choke fucking hasn’t helped matters, either.



Right you are….and for once porners may actually be taking note.

“Porn Content Providers” by Alexander The Poet 03.25.03

Inspired by porn content providers that provide numerous repetitive internet porn genres that seem to always involve some freakin’ bus or van…

The porn on the net,
Has gotten too stale
And I am upset,
Let me tell my tale

It’s about some guys,
That provide content
For websites to buy,
And to us, present

But I can’t wack off,
To the same old crap
Enough is enough,
These guys need, bitchslap

Quit it with the bus,
Quit it with the van
You guys make me cuss,
I’m a pissed off man

I want something new,
Something different
Someone get a clue,
Provide new content!


Hell all they gotta do is sign up here…no bus, no van, no stupidity, just hot sex.

7990cookie-checkOf everything I have ever written about this asphixiation thing now holds the record for the most responses.

Of everything I have ever written about this asphixiation thing now holds the record for the most responses.

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