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The companies that have decided to only accept test results from AIM Healthcare includes LFP, Vivid, Wicked Pictures, VCA, Red Light District, Elegant Angel, Video Team, Anabolic, Platinum X, Lucky Star Productions, Tabitha Yang Management, and Jet Set Productions

I just have one question: Have you peeople lost your fucking minds? You are just asking to be a party to a civil suit and possibly even criminal charges.

I want to point out the notables that are NOT on this list and applaud them for having the common sense to see this for what it is:

Evil Angel

Digital Playground

Hollywood Video




South River Video

Xplor Media

I know there are others that I am over looking , if your company belongs here Email Me

Mark Kernes Pipes In:

You wrote:

<< Mark Kernes was banned from the “Impact America Conference”:

What can I tell ya, Mike? When I got my e-mail from Citizens for Community Values (CCV), announcing a big conference, I just had to go; know what I mean? So I asked Fish and Connelly if I could — I HAVE been here long enough that I can suggest such “assignments” — and they were all for it, since they know they’ll get a juicy story or two out of it.

Oh I agree that you have done great stories on these things in the past…no doubt about it

I doubt it’s escaped your attention that your buds in the Bush administration are, at least in the long run, out to close down Porn Valley and whatever section of Atlanta you call your own, and put us all in jail for the rest of our lives (which event — our deaths — they hope will come earlier for porn people than for the rest of the population), so I think it behooves the savvy porn individual to find out what they’re saying these days.

Come Mark, you know damn well I didn’t vote for that guy, The guy I voted for earned my vote, he didn’t get it just cuz I didn’t like the other guy more than I didn’t like him. I’m Libertarian, while I do have buddies in the federal government many are Democrats as well as a few Republicans. I may be Libertarian but I am also a realist, I gotta deal with whoever is there.

If you’ve been keeping up with my news stories, you know that Ashcroft held a big conference about a year ago in South Carolina for all the Assistant U.S. Attorneys and selected members of religious right censorship organizations, as well as Steve Takeshita of the LA Vice Squad (he testified against Max Hardcore at his trial), which reliable reports say was also a training session on how to crack down on pornographers. One of those in attendance was Bruce Taylor, former DOJ prosecutor and head of the National Law Center for Children and Families, whose sole objective is to “fight porn.” Taylor is one of the speakers at the CCV conference, and as I pointed out in my undercover article in 2000, these people say things when they think they’re in the company of friends and supporters than they say to the media — and they KNEW I was in the audience at that conference. (What they didn’t know was how thoroughly I would report on them.)

Also, Jan LaRue, lawyer for Concerned Women for America (another right-wing religious whacko group), who scowls every time she sees me, is another speaker, and if you want, I’ll send you some quotes from the 2000 conference that show what kind of a nutcase she is — and it’s important that people in porn know the kind of people who are out to get them, and who have the ear of people in the Bush administration.

I know we have enemies, believe me, and yes I am aware of Ashcrofts SC conference and his anti Bill of Rights agenda.

If you want to keep your head in the sand about the people who have the power and the will to shut you/me/us down, that’s up to you. I happen to think that everything we can expose about these people and their methods makes this industry that much more able to fight them off, in the courts or wherever.

The people who have the most power over us, the people who can get us shut down the fastest are in Porn Vally and YOU know it.

Ultimately it isn’t Ashcroft who will shut us down, it is 12 people sitting in a jury box to whom Ashcroft is going to have to convince that what they are sitting in judgement of is in fact, obscene. Ask Your buddy (and mine) J.D. Obenberger which movie he would rather have to successfully defend, “I like it Rough” or “Sweet 101”?

You see Mark, it’s a lot easier to draw a conviction when you stand before a jury and say “what you just saw was a felony crime, it wasn’t a re-enactment of an assualt it was an assualt. The defense would have you believe that because the act was consensual that it is acceptable free speech. Ladies and Gentlemen, You canot consent to be a party to a crime, if you tell me to kill you and I do so I am in fact guilty of murder, that you told me to do so is not a defense. We hold that because the video tape in question contains numerous counts of felony assualt, a criminal act, and because the director hired these participants for the purpose of assualting this 18 year old girl for monetary gain, that this in fact does meet the criteria for obscenty as defined in the Miller Test. There is no literary or scientific value in conspiracy to commit a crime, and to witness an 18 year old girl, someones daughter assualted in this manner would only appeal to the most degenerate in our society. I have made love, so have you, this is not lovemaking, this is not even sex, this is overt violence and degradation and it is obscene.

As to some of your other allegations: The porn industry has the resources to deal with the people within its own industry who are “brutalizing and assualting [sic] young girls” if it wants to — the obvious remedy being the local cops. If a woman came to me claiming she was assaulted, that’s exactly where I would direct her, and she’d be a fool if she ignored that advice. Last I heard, assault was against the law. People who break their contracts by, for instance, exceeding the bounds of the action agreed to, should be sued, and if that exceeding equals brutality, they should be arrested.

Yes and fortunately for some most of these girls have no idea how much money they would win in a judgement in a civil action. And you cannot contractually commit to be the victim of a crime and brother assault and battery is a crime, and whenever you strike someone, physically cause someone to vomit or spit on them, that is assault.

As you should well know, AIM doesn’t make any diagnoses; it simply reports what the labs it utilizes report. If a misdiagnosis occurred, the lab is to blame, not AIM — and after 19 years as a court reporter, I can tell you that many, MANY doctors and labs make misdiagnoses. Hopefully, none of them are life-threatening, and certainly a false positive misdiagnosis from AIM’s lab would be better for the industry than a missed negative one. As for AIM’s “bad record”, that’s horseshit; there have been some — as there would be with ANY lab. And as for the PCR-DNA test being “inferior,” it’s not only the best we’ve got for working performers, it catches HIV positives EVERY MONTH before these people even get into the industry, and it’s approved by the county health authorities.

Now Dammit Mark that’s just plain misdirection, AIM does make diagnosises and so does Dr York, they make the diagnosis with the help of the results from the testing lab. AIM has a long history of misdiagnosis, you know it, and so do I.

As to the AIDS thing, a false positive is not my concern, my concern is a false negative. You see there are tens of thousands of people in California who are HIV positive and would be clear to work today if they went to AIM and got a “PCR/DNA Test” Ya want me to name a few? OK Mark Wallice, John Stagliano, Trisha Devereaux, Tony Montana, Magic Johnson.

As to your PCR/DNA test being approved by “County Authorities” Thats a joke, these are the same county authorities that run the DMV. Does L. A. County know more than the Centers for Disease Control? The AIDS Foundation? NO recognized authority approves the use of the PCR/DNA test as a screen for HIV. And tell me Mark, when someone is diagnosed by AIM as being HIV positive what exactly is the confirmatory test they use? It isn’t the PCR/DNA is it? I bet its the Western Blot.

Nuff Said!

Jeezus! Get it straight, will ya?


8870cookie-checkNo Sooner did I Respond to Mark Kernes on this very issue than I read this on

No Sooner did I Respond to Mark Kernes on this very issue than I read this on

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