My New Favorite Guy To Fuck With Is Dan Over At Genesis Magazine:

So here ya go Dan…here’s a Mike South Exclusive.

Mari Possa is Genesis newest columnist, now how the hell do I know that….I did confirm it with Mari’s publicist who is apparently rather irritated that I won’t spill how I got the story on Mari and Seymore.

I Have A Serious Question For Y’all:

I want to know who you guys think the top 5 girls in porn are. Not your 5 favorites necessarily but the top 5 girls on porns A List

Email it to me

OK This is Just TOO funny:

This is an ad that ran on TV for Target

The Rock star is Scotty from

great job dude thats fuckin hilarious….

JapChick says I’m Not A Hillbilly:

JapChick: you arent much of a hillybilly
JapChick: when i picture hillbilly
JapChick: i think of someone toothless
JapChick: and who didnt get past 3rd grade
South1226: well I have teeth at least
JapChick: ya hillbillys arent computer consultants and run websites
South1226: lol well damn
South1226: dont blow my cover ok
JapChick: lol
South1226: i got em all fooled
JapChick: i know
JapChick: i dont think the sands convention center would let you in if you were barefoot and wearing torn overalls
South1226: hmmm
South1226: that gives me an idea
South1226: Im gonna try it this year
JapChick: and you should have some chick dressed like a country bumpkin
JapChick: and walk in with a pot bellied pig
JapChick: say it is a seeing eye pig
South1226: LOL
South1226: great idea
South1226: \thats how Im attending the avn awards
JapChick: lol
JapChick: you better start looking for a pig in vegas
South1226: I will just get mary carey
South1226: LOL
South1226: now THAT was good
JapChick: hahahhaha
South1226: im in rare form today
South1226: poor mary I adore mary
JapChick: who is she being? the country bumpkin or the seeing eye pig?
South1226: she is such a retard
JapChickJapChick: lol
South1226: hell i got bumpkins all over vegas
JapChick: i was kidding
South1226: i wasnt
South1226: LOL
JapChick: hahahahhaah
JapChick: too funny
outh1226: can i post this on my site?
JapChick: sure

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My New Favorite Guy To Fuck With Is Dan Over At Genesis Magazine:

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