My Friend Jacklyn Lick Writes:

I’m just wondering what is going on these days.   It

seems like every other month there is a new murder in

porn.   I have never seen it like this…..
Is it because there are just so many so called ‘porn

stars’ in the business……………  (which by the

way is a bit insulting to those of us who have paid

our dues as well as the dues of others!)……….

what is it that is going on here?
My best friend was murdered years ago, and I never

really talked about it.   It was when I was stripping

in Portland, OR.    The news report of course started

out their commentary by stating…… ‘there were two

Hustlers beside her bed’.     They went to the

seediest story they could, when the truth was, it was

her neighbor that did it.  It had nothing to do with

her being a stripper, and she had just raised enough

money to start college.    I know, I know, the old

cliche of strippers earning their way through college,

but, some of us actually did do that!   She was

registered to start school.  However, it wasn’t nearly

as seedy as they made it sound.
Anyways, it’s depressing to see all this news about

girls in the industry.   Some of them I had worked

with personally, and others, I don’t even know their

names……….. either way, it still stings.
Lot’s of love!


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My Friend Jacklyn Lick Writes:

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