More Reader Mail, Houston Don Can’t Help It:

Hey Mike,
I see where Houston Don is being a pest over on another site and you vowed to take him on.

Man, don’t bother, I have known XXXXXXXXXX (real name deleted) for several years and he isn’t a bad guy really, but do you remember the old movie “Rainman” with Dustin Hoffman and Tom Cruise? Don is like that Rainman character, kind of an idiot savant [without the savant part]. He is autistic and doesn’t have much of a life so when he gets something in his head that he thinks is important he can’t let it go. That’s why he keeps bringing up things like that old Atomic Punk thing, that was how long, 4, 5 years ago?

(yep thats about right and he obviously isnt aware that the whole thing was settled and those who took legal action actually got monetary awards that they cant talk about)

So don’t beat the guy up, just ignore him and he will go back to his anime porn he is so fond of and probably head off in order to try and slay some other windmill. It isn’t his fault and you don’t want to bully a handicapped guy.

BTW love your site, it’s the best of the best.

Damn and I was all set to really rip him a new one….He sent me an email last night trying to get me to back off so I guess now it kinda makes sense. Just Damn….

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More Reader Mail, Houston Don Can’t Help It:

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