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In a Halloween announcement that has stunned the adult film industry, megalomaniacal hillbilly director JIM HOLLIDAY released a statement earlier today that he would, on all his future productions, require film crew, journalists, cast, caterers, P.A.s, and anyone else who happens to wander onto the set to pay a deposit upon finding themselves in his divine presence.

“Hell, yes — I’m sick of people flaking all around me. If they want to be around me, then they can pay me what I deserve,” the addled director intoned. “I’m tired of people coming and going as they please, as if they think have lives of any importance apart from me and my obviously much more important needs. From now on, I am demanding a tithe of 50 bucks from any mortal who so much as gazes upon my holy visage.”

At this, the director laughed maniacally and continued chewing on the femur of a young boy, all the while sipping wine from a massive golden goblet and ordering the execution by guillotine of noted porn journalist Jimmy D. The director’s plans to begin charging all residents of Los Angeles county fees so that they may continue to breathe his air could not be confirmed at press time.

AHA! That’s who leaked the list to Acacia.

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MoeGreenHasOneEye Writes:

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