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“On another note is it fair to the real performers for AVN to bestow it’s
prestigious awards on male talent that uses chemicals and pharmaceuticals to
get a hard dick?”

Answer: Sure; If women can win awards with fake orgasms, I don’t see a
problem with an injected or Viagra’d dick.
BTW, it’s “its” above.

BT Writes:

Mike: If the above is true, then you are Oracle of Atlanta (sort of like Buffett — Warren, not Jimmy — is the Oracle of Omaha).

Let’s hope someone picks her up. Mercedez doesn’t have the enthusiasm that some girls do, but she is lovely to watch.

And Tera dropping off — doesn’t surprise me in the least. I’m a Tera fan, and can’t bring myself to rent or buy one of her new tapes because of Evan. I just cannot look at the guy. He completely blows the fantasy.

And A Porner Writes:

Funny you picked the name Ben Gay, people in the Valley have been calling him that, mostly behind his back, for some time now. You should ask around though there is a lot more to this guy than meets the eye, he is pure evil.

Is Ben Gay?

I am hearing that last years best male performer Ben English is actually gay and there’s video to prove it. Sources say that’s why he uses Caverject to inject his dick making it hard for boy/girl scenes, he doesn’t much care for girls despite his relationship with Hannah Harper, kinda explains his abuse tendencies too, any shrink will tell you that a guy who abuses women the way he does in his scenes is acting out on his feelings of homosexuality.

On another note is it fair to the real performers for AVN to bestow it’s prestigious awards on male talent that uses chemicals and pharmaceuticals to get a hard dick?

9 Songs:

JimmyD writes on his most excellent site
The Jiz Biz jimmyd _writes “For his unflinchingly honest, truthful, and–above all–unbiased reporting of the Kerkove Saga, this site bestows the prestigious “Nigga Please” Award to Mr. Gene Ross of

Posted by jimmyd on Tuesday, August 02, 2005 – 08:44 AM PDT (2 Reads)
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My Opinion jimmyd _writes “AVNBlogger, Paul Fishbein, reviews British director Michael Winterbottom’s new film, “9 Songs” which opened in Los Angeles this past weekend.

I’ve only seen one of Winterbottom’s films, “Welcome to Sarejevo,” and because I have, I do realize that Winterbottom is a legitimate filmmaker.

I’m not sure if Fishbein is giving the film a thumb’s up, a thumb’s down, or a thumb’s up someone’s ass. You’ll have to come to your own conclusion in that matter.

Mister Fishbein writes: “So for those who think the blurring of pornography and mainstream cinema is overrated, check out a film that has blow jobs, pussy licking, fucking, bondage and cum shots on the large silver screen. And of yes, some very cool music. This is not a great film; mind you, but fascinating enough to take a shot.”

jimmyD sez: Personally, I don’t question whether there’s a blurring of pornography and mainstream cinema going on these days. But I think the blur needs to be put into perspective: It ain’t the porn people who are blurring the dividing line, it’s the mainstream cinema people.

In my opinion, if the line between porn and mainstream ever becomes completely transparent, i.e., there ain’t no line, most of the people in porn are gonna be unemployed and on the dole.

Think about it– How come the people who are most comfortable with the genre aren’t making the big mainstream crossover? How come these arthouse porn flicks aren’t being directed by the likes of Michael Ninn, PT, Nic Andrews, Michael Raven and the other Wicked directors, or even JimmyD?


I’ll tell you why.

Abilities aside, mainstream cinema is going to accept porn or porn-like films as a genre long before they’re going to accept pornographers as legit filmmakers making such films.

This time I’m gonna call his ass out…but not for why he thinks. He is correct that any blurring of the lines between porn and mainstream is being done by mainstream and not porn, he is incorrect as to why.

The reason “arthouse porn flicks” are not being directed by porners is because porners don’t have the talent to direct them. There, I said it, and it’s true. If anyone in porn, myself included had the ability to do mainstream we would be doing mainstream not porn.

Do you think that director who did “9 Songs” would direct that movie with the mere pittance of a budget that even the best porn directors (there’s an oxymoron for ya) get?


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Mark Kernes Answers My Question:

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