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Hi Mike,

I read your post on the AVN Crossover Award, and wondered why you’d think Sasha Grey should have won the award as she “…was the FEMALE LEAD in a movie made by an Academy Award winning director.”  I think the award to Katie Morgan made a lot more sense.

Although the mainstream movie Katie was in, “Zack and Miri Make a Porno” wasn’t directed by an Academy Award winning director, it was actually released in 2008, unlike the Steven Soderbergh movie that starred Ms. Grey.  In fact, that movie has still not been released.  BTW, ‘Zack & Miri” has made over $30 million at the box office. You can check that out here:’s $30 million more than can be attributed to any movie Ms. Grey has been in.  And in the movie business here in LA, money talks.


            Katie Morgan has been under contract with HBO for over six years

            She has appeared in several HBO “specials’ starring herself

            One of those “specials” was released recently, and another one will premiere on January 15th 2009

            Katie hasn’t shot a porn scene in almost two years, and (according to her) most of her income over the last three years has been from mainstream shoots (e.g. HBO)

            She’s a member of SAG/AFTRA

            She was in an episode of the HBO series ‘Entourage’ last year

            She acted in an indie feature, ‘Shoot the Hero’ which will be released later this year

            She was offered a role in a horror movie at the end of 2008 which she had to turn down because of scheduling conflicts

            She will be auditioning for a role in another horror movie within the next month

This is just a brief summary of what Katie has been doing over the last few years.  To put this in perspective, Sasha Grey was about 12 years old when Katie Morgan got into porn.

I know you live in one of the flyover states, so you may not be that clued-in, but if you’d done a little research you would’ve realized that Katie has been paying her dues for several years.



Ya know what…  Marco is right We haven’t even seen “The Girlfriend Experience” yet maybe Sasha isbetter positioned to win next year and truth is I never intended to imply that Katie is undeserving, she is very deserving. I stand corrected.  Damn theres goes my quota for the year….


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