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A couple of things…

On the Vicky Vette situation. Any time a porn girl gets roughed up to raped, there’s a big stink. The first thing that happens is those on the other side of the studio go on a full on assault, undermining the claims, the girl’s credibility. Talk of action always turns to “live and learn” and “it was my fault for being in that position”. Personal responsibility is great, but in these cases it’s misguided. All it allows is for the same low-lifes to assault and rape the next girl. But, it always plays out the same way. Isn’t that odd?

On Mark Kernes. Mark, when you write about the enemies of the industry *within* the industry as well as you do those outside the industry, that will truly be something. I won’t hold my breath. You are capable, your writings about why you were against the War sent to this site were eloquent.

Directing them to the police?. Oh, please, I know of three women in porn who went to the police and went as far as filing complaints only to have nothing happen. The complaints got “lost” and the treatment they received at the hands of the police was terrible. The biggest problem in getting rid of the scum in porn *is* the L.A. police department and politicians.

AIM is a joke. One of these days someone will finally get to the bottom of who is pulling Ms. Mitchell’s strings. Could the long time proximity to a certain agent’s office be a clue?

And Mike, L.A. County does have it’s own Health Department, but if they’ve decided to put it completely in AIM’s hands, doesn’t that say enough?

I think a lot of people have been sold a bill of goods by AIM, and I think that is going to come out. I don’t think for instance, that AVN really knows and has researched the whole testing thing, they simply trust Sharon, misguided as that may be.

As for Jim South, I don’t think there is any love lost between Jim South and AIM as you will see in a coming update. I am sitting on a helluva story, but I can’t run with it until I have done some more checking and sorted out the facts…stay tuned, this could be big.

Den at CAVR (The most comprehensive and current video review site anywhere writes):

Southern Magnolias ‘Wild Things’
================================================================= 06/11/2003
Quotes…………Mike’s got the perfect touch on this one!

================= Name ================== Debut Notes ==================
Stars………….Allison (South) Jun 2003 Busty blinde. Sexy. E
Cori Love Dec 2001 Cute blonde.
Delaney Daniels Nov 1998 Hot. Foxy. Blonde. E
Felicia Fox Jul 1999 Hot busty brunette.
Fiona Fetish Jun 2002 Amateur. Cincy. Blonde
Jaz (South) Jun 2003 Amateur. Brunette.
Lyric Love Jun 2003 Dayton. Cute redhead.
Studio…………Hollywood Video
12229 Montague St
Artela CA 91331
Producer……….Mike South
Director……….Mike South
Video News……..Rental
Category……….XXX Pro Boy/Girl
Top 10 Points….. 9.00
Opening scene has Mike South swimming in ocean and Mike’s contract star, Tim Case and 4 sexy gals on a boat. Felicia Fox smokes a cigarette in an unique manner. Cori Love joins them and does another unique thing with her beer bottle. Jaz & Mike. Mike interviews a brunette with large left breast tattoo and she doesn’t give her name. Mike says, ‘Okay, you suck on camera’. And, she does! Mike gets BJ on camera. No hands BJ. Mike returns the favor and eats her out with super close ups. No hands BJ. Screwing on the deck on her back, on her back with good top down view, on her back. Mike strokes off on her face. Giggles. BJ cleanoff.

Cori & Fiona. In Dayton in room in front of fireplace. Interview, Fiona is from Cincinnati. Cori talks about doing the Bill Cunningham radio talk show. Really funny how she describes his looks. (I happened to listen to this very show and she describes him perfectly). Serenity & Steve gave Cori the aduldt toys to be used in this video and Cori thanks them. They kiss. They talk some more and then they get into it. Kiss. Kiss on the neck. Undressing. Topless. Titty sucking by each. Kissing. Fiona eats Cori, licks her clit with butterfly strokes, fingers her. Cori eats Fiona & licks her clit, fingers her. Fiona with her head doun and ass up as Cori eats her & rims her and then uses strap-on dildo to screw her. ‘F..k my pussy’. Vib egg used at the same time underneath as Fiona begs for more. Cori uses the strap-on dildo to screw Fiona
as she sits on it in reverse cowgirl position and plays with clit at the same time. Both front and rear views of the screwing is shown. Fiona now uses the strap-on dildo to screw Cori in the doggy position. Fiona lays on her back as Cori climbs on top & rides the strap-on dildo. Super close ups of the in & out action and then of Cori & Fiona’s faces as they kiss while going at it. This is one very sexy and senuous les scene!

Delaney. Streaked hair sexy gal is posing for still pictures outdoors for Mike with this super sexy voice gal saying, ‘F..k me, you can do what ever you want to me’, that is a real turn on. Sexy posing and more sexy talking. In room. Mike interviews Delaney. Interesting story how they met. She is wearing glasses as they are standing and kissing. On sofa. BJ. Butterfly BJ. No hands BJ. She lifts her dress and we can see a clit ring and no panties. No hands BJ. Mike fingers her and then 4 fingers her. Looks to me that he might just be fisting her (but blocks the view with his shoulder on purpose). Mike eats her out and she really likes it. ‘Eat that pussy, come on’. Topless. Screwing reverse cowgirl with skirt around her waist, cowgirl riding as she solo fingers her ass. Minus glasses as she screws Mike in reverse cowgirl position. ‘Nice fat cock’. Screwing rev cowgirl & clit solo. On her back as Mike strokes off all over her face. Lots of cum. BJ clean off.
Note: Delaney is looking good and I hope she returns to porn.

Allison. Interviewed buy Mike in hotel room. 21 yrs old. Her boyfriend is really into her doing this movie. She is dancer in Louisana. On sofa. Kissing. Touching. Plays with her clit. Lowers her top. Topless. Titty sucking. Big breasts. Mike eats her out. Big clit! Eats & fingers her. BJ. No hands BJ as Mike feeds it to her. No hands BJ. On her knees as she gives Mike a no hands BJ. Top down view on the head job. Nude. Screwing reverse cowgirl, on her back, side saddle, on her back. Anal on her back with legs up high. On her knees & looking up to Mike as he strokes off on her face & in her mouth. Bull eye. BJ clean off.

Lyrka. In room sitting on Mike’s lap. Mike mentions Felicia Fox and Dirty Bob. Mike interviews her. From Kansas. Grew up in Dayton area. Dancer with Felicia Fox. Married 2 weeks. 19 yrs old. Mike will be only her 3rd guy. Kissing. Touching. Topless. Titty sucking. Mike eats her, fingers her. BJ. No hands BJ. Right arm small tattoo. Top down view on her giving Mike a no hands BJ. Screwing on her back & clit solo, cowgirl riding, leaning forward. Mike strokes off on her face & open mouth. Lots of cum. BJ clean off.
Exit interview.

One thing I have always admired about Den is that his reviews are not only comprehensive but they are very even. Even when I thought I deserved better Den is unarguably honest. There is absolutely no doubt that this is the most up to date reviews anywhere, Den reviews and posts every movie that comes out usually on the day it hits the streets. I’m glad he liked this one!

check out his review site at its free and there is nothing else anywhere that even comes close.

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LT Responds To Kernes:

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