LFP Buys Wicked…That Shit is a month old.

For all the crowing elsewhere I had the story that that deal was done a month ago. BFD Stevie Wonder could see that one coming. The question looming on everyones mind is why is LFP buying up all the high end producers?

Alexander The Poet Sends this one:

Two families move from Saudi Arabia to America. When they arrive, the fathers make each other a bet — in a year’s time, whichever family has become more American will win.

A year later when they meet again, the first guy says, “My son’s playing baseball, I had McDonald’s for breakfast and I’m on my way to pick up a case of Bud for tonight. How about you?”

The second guy says, “Fuck you, towel-head!”

Trixie Kelly Writes:

“Today is opening day of alligator season, doesn’t that make you want some gator bites?”

What she is talking about is in Florida, Alligator season opens today. When Trixie and I go out to dinner in Mexico Beach we eat at a place that has alligator on the menu as an appetizer, these are called “Gator Bites” Now you know the rest of the story and why I adore Trixie so much!

Tim Case Writes:

Tori Amos is a musical genius.

Tim Case

Tim that statement explains more about you than I could in an entire month of updates….shit you even like Tool….and yer probably a Biohazard Groupie Like Wankus.

So I took The Weekend Off:

But Picture this, last night, me and two 18 year old girls went to Atlanta’s Premiere outdoor theate,r Chastain Park, it’s a cool place to see a concert because its completely open, its outdoors and instead of seats the best areas actually have tables, and you are allowed to bring in your own food and drink, usually a very, very cool place…usually. Last night we went to see Tori Amos, now I ain’t a Tori Amos fan, matter of fact I didn’t know anything she sings, still don’t actually, I think it was all one long whiney song but I digress. I figured we’d go and enjoy the social aspect BUT. It seems Ms Amos has a high opinion of her art, she didn’t allow the tables and therefore she didn’t allow food to be brought in or drink, you had to buy it there, at way inflated prices. So this whining bitch did away with the best part of a night at Chastain, the music better be damn good…It wasn’t, it sucked..to boot she had all the stage presence of two government accountants preparing to discuss the deficit. And to think I left all my tomatoes in the garden…hey I just figured it out…THATS why they didn’t want food in there…..

OK Rodney Dangerfield Gets More Respect Than This:



Hamilton Steele Has More Evidence:

After having figured out that Mike South is an Alien from another planet, I decided to do some more searching and what I discovered was that James Digorgio is a Robot of Alien origin.

Here is my evidence:

1) I’ve heard Jimmy talking to the owner of Smash pictures on the phone. He always finishes the converstion by saying “By Your Command.”

2) He mass accumulates and catlogs other people’s junk. This is an obvious attempt to locate compatiable replacement parts.

3) Jimmy’s drinking, smoking and lifestyle of excess would kill anything alive.

4) Considering how many years Jimmy has been in the Jizz Biz, and his lifestyle of excess, his ability to avoid being hit by Man Jizz can only stem from the reflexs of a robot.

5) Jimmy spends most of his time in Smash Picture’s warehouse. Where he spends long hours looking at multiple computer screens. Only robots can multi-task that well or are that comfortable living in a warehouse.

6) Jimmy has a large box of lubricant and anal probes.

7) His warehouse has cages of various size and other equipment to restrain would be test subjects.

8) He wears long hair and listens to Pink Floyd. Obviously he is out-dated model from the 70s. (The Alien home world must be far, far, far away.. His upgrade is over due)

9) As evidenced by his spiel about his “latest acquisition: a Canon EOS 10D Digital SLR.” He can recite technical specifications as easy as most people can recite their name and address.

10) He films some of the hottest women in porn and No one has ever seen him with a boner. Perhaps he is like the G.I. Joe dolls.. Accurate in all aspects save for one. (Not that I care because that would be gay.)

Hamilton Steele
(Still fighting to stop the Alien Take over of the Jizz Bizz)

PS> Swingers, Perverts and Pornstars… In my Yahoo Group people actualy meet in REAL LIFE and FUCK!


OK are y’all thinkin what I’m thinkin here? Yep I think Hamilton is the Alien….


9440cookie-checkLFP Buys Wicked…That Shit is a month old.

LFP Buys Wicked…That Shit is a month old.

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