Kid Rock Vs Tommy Lee the Battle For Jesse Jane:

I see it finally broke today, I have been hip to it for a while but out of respect to my friendship with Jesse I have kept quiet. I hear Tommy ain’t takin it too well either.

But lets face it…he is a geek all over again…Tommy has gone back to school…last week he was shown on TV playing drums in the marching band…THE MARCHING BAND! Come on guys we all know…marching band guys DO NOT get hot porn chicks. It’s no wonder she moved on to Kid Rock. I mean he could have at least started a garage band.

Now for todays Trivia question…Jesse Jane is NOT the first person to date Me and then Kid Rock….who was the first?

Winner gets a Motley Crue CD or something

A Different Steve Writes:

Hi Mike,

I view your website ocassionally for the gossip. I also think you have great insight and common sense about things, so I would like to ask you a question and get your opinion.

It might also be a good topic to talk about on your website, because it’s an issue that IS coming and will have to be dealt with by the industry, or the industry will end.

My question is this: Given the fact that there have been AIDS outbreaks in the industry already with more benign strains of HIV, what will the industry do when the AIDS situation is really serious. Right now, the HIV strain that is predominant in the United States is HIV-1B. As far as heterosexual transmission, this strain is pretty benign compared to the other strains of HIV.

The problem is, right now, in the larger cities due to immigration of infected individuals, military personnel and American’s who have never traveled abroad, but have become infected with new strains (this is a VERY small number right now) there are now strains in the United States that are far more deadly in respect to heterosexual transmission than HIV-1B. I do not have all of the facts in front of me right now, but to the best of my knowledge, we now have HIV-1A, HIV-1B (the current variant dominant in the United States), HIV-1C, HIV-1D(?), HIV-1E, HIV-1F(?), HIV-1G, HIV-1J, and several recombinant strains. With immigration from Africa, Asia and Latin America, plus military personnel stationed abroad, these variants will continue to increase in the United States. The big two to worry about are HIV-1C and HIV-1E, HIV-1C is what is ravaging Southern Africa and HIV-1E is what is ravaging Southeast Asia. These two variants are far more lethal as far as heterosexual transmission than HIV-1B and they are ALREADY here in the United States (some of the strains I’m not sure about, I put a question mark, but HIV-1C and HIV-1E ARE here). They are primarily heterosexual in transmission and female to male are far more likely with these variants also. First, these variants must reach a rate of critical mass in a subgroup of people in the nation and then they will begin to enter the mainstream. They will QUICKLY replace HIV-1B as the main strain and will be very infective heterosexually. When there was an AIDS scare among heterosexuals in the 80’s, it didn’t really happen because HIV-1B is pretty tough to transmit heterosexually, but I believe that the real epidemic IS on the horizon with these deadly and easily transmittable strains, it’s just a matter of time.

The second part of this is a question for you, because this is something that I’m not sure about. The “safe-sex” people aren’t telling the whole truth about HIV and condoms in my opinion, but I’m not sure. In semen, HIV is present as intracellular infection (which pro-condom people talk about), but it’s also present as free-floating virus (which they don’t talk about). It is actually the free-floating virus that causes the vast majority of infection (I believe it’s infectivity is several thousand times greater). The free-floating virus is also much smaller in particle size. Condoms by their nature are porous. The intra-cellular virus can not get through the condom, but free-floating particles are theoretically small enough to pass through. When you add in friction, natural variance in condoms, etc. it doesn’t sound like such a sure bet. A sample of semen unregisterable by current condom testing can have up to 80,000 copies of free-floating HIV particles. How effective do you think condoms will be with the highly-transmittable heterosexual variants of HIV? I’m not saying condoms don’t work, I’m just saying that the margin of error is very low because of the free-floating particles.

No offense, but pornstars are not the most intelligent or responsible people on Earth. Given what they do on-set (it keeps getting more suicidal) and what they do off-set (probably just as scary), how will the industry survive in the face of a serious HIV challenge and a likely low margin of error even with condoms?

Thanks for your time,


He brings up valid questions, but lets face it, NOBODY in this industry plans ahead and nobody in this industry acknowledges a problem untill it is sitting on someones desk in the form of a fine, an indictment or a lawsuit.

But truth is these same problems face more than just the porn community but the community at large. The saving grace may be that we are very close to a cure, a vaccine or both. The different clades of the HIV virus (he refers to them as strains) are closely related in that replication is pretty much the same and existing protease inhibitor and other drug therapies will buy the victim time…potentially lots of it.

Finally intelligence and responsible behavior don’t necessarily go hand in hand, there are some very intelligent people I know who do very irresponsible things, and as for the industry’s survival…Darwin will take care of that, one way or the other.


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Kid Rock Vs Tommy Lee the Battle For Jesse Jane:

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