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Dear Mr. South

Some News Observations

*They closed a puppy mill in Missouri twice but the Octomom still has her kids (and THAT puppy mill is on state aid)

* I understand and appreciate the “Fairness Doctrine” ( I used to work in radio) but come on guys, “suck it up.”

* Speaking of “suck it up”, when did the republicans become 5 year olds? My toddler throws less of a tantrum. You’re against the bail out but you’ll take the money anyway. Fuck you.

* Speaking of bailout, Hey Chris Brown, I hope you have good investments. You’re gonna be like GM-nobodies buying . .

* Close to my home news, I know Mr. South loves to hate California (plus he had a bad week-what with Lincoln being voted the #1 president. “Mike, please the war’s been over now going on 160 years”) But goddamn, Cali was hijacked by Enron politics 9 years ago and Arnold is doing way worse than Grey Davis. Can we get our Political Celebrity loving heads out of our asses?

* Speaking of celebrities and politics, how come liberal actors get slammed for their views? But Ron Silver gets a radio talk show? (I know, I know . . you have to go out on a limb to call Ron Silver a celebrity) “Hey Laura Ingram, no one told Ronald Reagan, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Charlton Heston, Ron Silver, Bruce Willis, Hank Williams, jr, or Kid Rock to shut up and sing.” Why? Because we don’t care. (once again why does right-wing=toddler?)

Please people, enough with the Monkeys and Obama stuff (dolls, cartoons, etc.) We get it . . .he’s black. (here’s the true formula for humor . . .monkey’s=funny, Bush=funny, Now Bush as a monkey=really funny. I.E. remember the time when Bush picked his ass, smelt his finger and fell of the branch . . No . . oh wait . . I meant the Iraq war.)

And lastly for now. and not very witty either . . . you might not need to nationalize the banks but don’t let these motherfuckers know that. You need to leave these corporate and banking thieves in fear for what they have done, not more of the same madness. The closer you get to the truth of their scam the more you’ll hear the blame go on the little guy, ACORN, the unions, poor people. Yet some of my closest relatives were mortgage brokers and you should hear the laws they knowingly broke and the fraud they knowingly commited to get anyone into a loan and land business, it was pure greed from the highest level CEO on down. My wife’s aunt owns 8 houses herself (or at least she used to, she doesn’t really mention them anymore . . .I guess we all own them, now!)

Thanks again Mike,
John Farrell

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John Writes

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