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Ya know Mike,

I don’t mean to get into a rant here, but Kat Sunlove and I go back quite a ways. I used to work for her at The Spectator. We’re not talking about
someone sitting back and eating bon bons all day. She works for a fucking living. If she just wanted to sit back and collect money, she’d be running a
dungeon in San Francisco’s sex industry.

I got in touch with Kat Sunlove Wednesday morning and gave her the phone number of a friend who rents out rooms in Chatsworth. There’s no maid
service involved here and she’s on a tight budget while she’s in town. If I had a couch, she’d be sleeping on it.

We’re talking about someone who was a member of the BDSM community before it had been coined the BDSM community. She goes back with a generation of people from San Francisco who remember what the sexual revolution was about and carry it in their hearts, not their pocketbooks. The newspaper she published with Layne was an offshoot of the Berkeley Barb, one of the publications instrumental in bringing down Richard Nixon.

When California pushed to ban sex papers in newsracks, Kat Sunlove didn’t just gripe about it, she picked up her guns and took the fight right up to
Sacramento. She fought the battle for years, and even after she lost the first battles, she kept pushing the issue as far as it would go. Nobody else seemed to care.

After the law was passed, an alternative San Francisco newspaper published a cover of the SF police chief posing with his baton rising erect over his
crotch. The chief had police officers go out onto the street and confiscate as many papers as they could. They raised a stink about it, but people like
Kat and I knew it was merely the next step in censorship.

Kat could have turned her back any time on the war against our constitutional rights, but she’s stuck with us. She’s put in her time and certainly deserves a nice retirement. Even now, she could have said no to the extra responsibility. She has a nice warm home up north in the Bay Area,
with a loving husband who’d rather have her by his side than have her sleeping on someone’s couch. She’s not in town for her health. She’s here to
work, and we need to let her.

She beat you and made you say that didn’t she?

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Jaye Writes In:

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