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Salutations Mike,
Aliances are a fickle thing. Jack Welch, the former CEO of General

Electric’s golden age, said something very profound a few years ago.
“There is no such thing as loyalty, only motivation.”
Now seriously think about that for a moment. While that sounds very

Machiavellian and seedy, truth be told it means you have to work

constantly and twice as hard to maintain good relationships with those

you do business with. You can’t just rely on alliances, but have to

strengthen them with good will.
The rope holding the Sword of Damocles is not strengthened by how long

you’ve done business, or how “loyal” your people are in business, but

how well you do business and how well you treat people. If agencies

can’t motivate their talent and customers, how can they expect to

motivate each other to keep their alliance healthy?
By the way, I noticed Mark Spiegler’s name was absent from the list. I’m

curious why that is. I should drop him a line sometime. He has some very

sexy girls.
Best wishes always,

I noticed that too, I tried to contact Mark and got no response but I don’t think he was invited to participate, he didn’t attend the meeting.

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