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I can’t say I disagree with what you wrote the other day save for some of the oil stuff. Bad news sells, and Colin Campbell and the rest of the petro-pessimists get press when the reality is Hubbert’s peak is realistically coming no earlier than 2030 according to the iea and usgs. Every decade since the 1920’s they predict oil’s peaked, and every decade they’ve been wrong, failing to account for all sorts of stuff in the way of efficiency amd technology-2 decades ago they could get 20% recovery if they were lucky, it’s over 35% today. Adleman over at MIT just said we’ve got “for all intents and purposes an infinite supply” for the next 20 to 50 years. He doesn’t need you to send him a check like Greenpeace does to survive or frighten you into sticking around for the next set of commercials like the nightly news does.
As for the flood-you’re right. Lately we’ve been intent on trying to derail the concept of natural selection as much as possible. Too many stupid people are reproducing too quickly and they’re unable to hack what you need to do to survive in a world becoming more and more demanding of your ability to think. We’re rewarding this by bailing them out for shit like deciding to stay against orders, paying for their healthcare and in return they continue to prove unfit parents and the cycle continues. I’m not suggesting eugenics is the answer, but there’s no question about the heritability of stuff like certain diseases and the general intelligence factor and it’s madness that we’re asking a certain couple of tax-brackets to support not only themselves, but a bunch of people who are clearly the weakest in our herd. And the returns on our investment are almost nonexistant, unless you’re counting buying gucci handbags as contributing something to the greater good. If people are that determined against swimming, let them sink, this kind of stuff goes against the whole notion of how things naturally develop and progress.
Great site, great rant-James

Great Email james, out of all the people who responded Yours was the one that struck me as the most articulate and well thought out.

James Isn’t Alone:

I was called last night by a program director for a rock and roll station in Wisconsin who liked my rant so much they want a forty five to sixty second weekly commentary…more as this develops.


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