It Was Hunter S Thompson:

JMT, Jesse from, Zal Riva, Crickett (Good to have ya back) and Benjamin all knew it.

It is a sort of chilling and very Hunter S Thompson thing no doubt.

Rolling Stone Magazine is gonna run it….

Going To California With An Aching In My Heart:

OK So my heart isn’t aching, I am going to Cali though, leavin in morning, I will try to get some pics or something…anyone want me on set Sunday or Tues hit me up I will do some coverage for ya if ya want.

Current plans include the Pirates Premiere and Porn star Karaoke. This time Jesse isn’t my date….

Dick Freeman, One of Coolest Hermits I Know Writes:

Dear Mike,
And what about Eric Von Schmidt’s version of Sin Killer Griffith’s Wasn’t That A Mighty Storm – a song I was singing just yesterday, in fact – about the Galveston hurricane c. 1905 (did you know that in 1900, Galveston was the second richest city in the U. S., after Newport, R. I.?)…
Obscurely Yours,
Dick Freeman

I did not know that but I do know that Buck Owens sang a song about Galveston…

Not that any of todays porners would know who the hell Buck Owens is

Katrina Knocked Cindy Sheehan’s Ass Right Off The Front Page Huh:?

It’s a mixed blessing for Bush to be sure…..

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It Was Hunter S Thompson:

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