Immigration Thoughts and Big Trouble For Kahn Tusion?:

Right on Mike, but you forgot to add.

1. Your children will go to School and maintain a C average.

2. If your Child violates any law other than traffic, it will automatically decrease your chances of citizenship, followed by deportation if the pattern of behavior contiues.

3. if you serve 4 years in our military you willl get citizenship,

4. Your child being truant +you being deported.

On another note, I just heard from a friend that the DOJ has gone after Khan Tusion bigtime, including confiscating his Limosine….

I think Rob Black is small fish compared to what they are going to do to Khan Tusion

I have heard for quite some time that the DOJ has been sniffing around Kahn Tusion but I haven’t heard of any warrants or indictments being served. He is a very secretive guy though so it’s likely it wouldnt get the press that Rob Black did.

Jesse Capps From Rock Confidential Writes:

How many times have you picked up lunch at a drive thru and the menu is written in English and Spanish? Have you ever called a shipping company to have a package delivered and was given instructions in English and Spanish? I was in a grocery store the other day and the lady on the intercom spoke in English and Spanish. I see Spanish speaking churches. Spanish supermarkets. Spanish restaurants. Spanish radio stations. Spanish meeting halls. WHY?

Our country is being overrun by illegals from Mexico. If you’re here legally and can actually speak English, God love ya. Otherwise, I don’t want you here. If you’re a resident in this country and you can’t speak English, please get the fuck out. It should be priority one to learn OUR language if you want to live in OUR country. You’re taking our money when your illegal ass pops out a kid – who then becomes a LEGAL U.S. CITIZEN – because it was born in America. We have a hard enough time taking care of our citizens without having to worry about the beggars and hangers on, too.

I understand that you want money and you have dreams, oh Mexicans, but the truth is that you only want to come here long enough to do enough dry wall to pay for your new house in Mexico somewhere. The United States has tolerated illegals for far too long. Why should my favorite restaurant give in and offer a menu in Spanish, too? We’re not doing anything to make it harder for illegals to survive here. We should.

Protesters carried signs this week that exclaimed, “We’re not criminals!” Yes, by God – you are! You’re here illegally, you’re working illegally, you’re not paying taxes and you’re driving illegally! Should I go on?

What a great country we live in that allows thousands upon thousands of protesters – most of whom are NOT EVEN U.S. CITIZENS – to march, have vigils and question lawmakers! What would happen if we did that in Mexico? We’d be locked up in one of their jails somewhere – and that’s a fact.

Nothing is worse that seeing Kennedy and Hillary spewing at the mouth proclaiming their support and rallying the illegals. New York’s unemployment rate has risen yet Hillary Clinton is welcoming these illegals with open arms to do jobs “Americans don’t want.” I’m sorry, Ms. Clinton, but I’m pretty sure those thousands of REAL Americans who recently lost their jobs do not appreciate the fact that you’re inviting illegal Mexicans to take their place.

Do I have an elaborate fix to the problem? No. I wish I did. Maybe we should just build a Wal-Mart every few miles inside the border with Mexico. That’s all they really want! Have you ever been to a Wal-Mart on a Sunday afternoon? Fuck me! Not again…
Seriously – we’re losing our country to political correctness. We should stop being pussies and just say and do things that we know are right and stop worrying about making somebody mad! (Even though this whole mess really involves CASH and VOTES…)

Fuck them back to Mexico!

Adios Amigo,

Gerry Writes:


Immigration has been an issue since the second boat arrived. We still don’t have it right.

I think you’ve got it mostly right. Just a couple nitpicks.

First one, and importantly… there’s no sense to trying to control money transfers out of the country like some third world bankrupt dictatorship. I’d bed you that Honda and Toyota repatriate more cash out of the US than what even 11 million manual laborers manage to pull together. Heck, if we’re going to allow the Chinese Army (who own many of those manufacturing facilities) to take the dollars they earn at WalMart home (and they may end up shooting at us someday)… why worry about the $100 per week that Pedro manages to send home to the family?

Also, it’s the only practical way for Pedro. Remember, we’re talking about not having any recourse to medical care, education, or any public services… so his family is going to have to stay behind until he has his citizenship and can send for them.

I’ve worked with the DAR, who run citizenship training courses. There’s so much more to it than learning English. There’s also learning the traditions of tolerance, respect for minority rights, and democratic institutions. We still use some 50’s textbooks on citizenship. The Dutch have gone even further. They have a video they show now with people smoking pot, going naked, men kissing, and all sorts of races and cultures represented… the message being… “We’re a plural and tolerant society… if you can’t handle that, go home.”

We also need to have some sort of “guest worker” program for the folks who work the fields out west. They need a legal status and a way to access some services… preferably underwritten by their employers. It’s hard and dangerous work, and medical care is a necessity.

It’s not simple.

On the other hand, I’d trust the next 100 guys crossing the border to come up with a plan that works over the 100 senators.


And that last sentence kinda sums it up doesn’t it?

One Thing I Will Say…I Am Jealous:

I wish we had that many, let alone that percentage of, Americans who would take to the streets in protest of confiscatory tax rates, or any number of other issues that should concern us all. We have become fat, lazy and stupid and the government is usurping the power that is rightfully ours while we sit on the sofa watching Oprah.


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Immigration Thoughts and Big Trouble For Kahn Tusion?:

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