If ANYONE can tell me who Marc Wallace aka Mark Goldberg is working for and what name(s) he is directing under


I want to expose this shit and get him out of porn once and for all.

Another Scumbag Exposed:

Papillon writes in her journal at her website www.papillonxxx.com:

I received a disturbing phone call last night around 1am… Some of you that I speak with frequently know what I have been having to put up with lately. For the past 3 months a certain director had told me that the company he works for was going to stick me on contract… not only as talent, but I was also going to direct my own gonzo line too. So, he told me not to work for any of the other companys… I gave up a lot of work because of him… He had called me last Friday night and said “good news, you will be signing your contract at the end of the week”. So last night he told me that if I did not sleep with him and on a regular basis he was going to tell the company not to sign me anymore. I have never had a desire to sleep with this man and never would.

He is an overweight, long haired hippie with a stuttering problem and also has a major alcohol addiction. Can you tell that I am just a little pissed off? I feel so used by this person who has wasted my time and called me frequently to tell me all about his F*cked up life. Is it me or was this person blowing smoke up my *ss for the last 3 months? You know what else… he had the nerve to say that if I wrote about or talked to anyone in the XXX industry about this that he would have me blackballed through out the industry.

Well, I figured he already made a few phone calls anyway so why not tell my side of the story. I just want to say… I am a PORNSTAR… I F*ck hard on camera and I look good and enjoy it when I do it. I am not running for mayor or congress, I should not have to go through all this political bullsh*t so I can make a movie. The sad thing about this is that I have given many a director a Bl*w Job just because I wanted too not because they dangled a contract in front of my face… I think this guy is pissed off because I am repulsed by him and would never even give him a B.J. on screen not even for a million dollars. Some people call him a brilliant director… fine direct… just hire yourself a prostitute instead of using your status to try and make girls think they are obligated to sleep with you. This is my story and I’m sticking to it.


My phone rang off the hook today, I finally shut it off. I just don’t understand people sometimes, I guess since they have all the free time to chit chat they feel they can monopolize your time even when you have a lot going on. Take this 1 person for example, I am keeping a log on him of when he calls because he is such a stalker. He calls me up all day and night expecting me to listen to him on end. It’s just insane blabber… here is a little background on him without disclosing to much… I worked for him and now he thinks he can tell me what to do all day and night, I don’t even work for him anymore!!! Arggg, as if we had a relationship or something… I never slept with this guy or even entertained the notion of doing so. This is what I here all the time from him… “I just have to make mad passionate love to you, baby”… OMG!!! Why would I want to do that with him. He keeps telling me how much he is going to help my career and how much he has already done for me. Hmmm… I haven’t reaped the fruits of his so called labors. All I say is “Get a LIFE and stay far away from mine”… yet he still calls. O’well, I just have to deal with it until he finds his next victim… sorry, I just had to vent.

I met Papillon years ago, as she was first getting into the biz, I had limited funds and was faced with approaching her or Midori, I picked Midori, not knowing of who her sister was and that turned out to be a good choice for me, no doubt that Papillon is hottie too and it disturbs me that Tom Zupko would treat her in this manner. Tom IS who she is talking about here. I know Patrick Collins to be a pretty straight shooter, specially lately…I’d bet he squashes this PDQ.

Peelers of the World Unite!

I was browsing my server logs and my referer stats the other day and I came across an unusually large number of hits from a website that I didn’t expect any traffic from, so being curious I clicked on over to take a look. Now I am consumed by this site. Totally fascinated.

It’s a forums site, no pictures, no amusing anecdotes (OK maybe a few) and its fairly heavily participated in, by dancers. You see, the site is a forum site for dancers to help and support each other, I ain’t talking dancers like in “A Chorus Line” I’m talkin strippers. Now I dunno about you but I figure organizing peelers and organizing porn chicks is a lot like organizing cats, but this site seems to have accomplished what I certainly couldn’t. Face it Seysha.com was my attempt to do the same thing for porners and it was a dismal failure. But this forum is thriving quite well. Everything from tax advice to questions on how to become a feature to what do you tell people you do for a living when they ask you.

One dancer writes:

“I don’t know if this has been asked before, and I’m sure it has from various angles…
…but when strangers, aquaintances, friends, or family ask you what you do for a living, what do you tell them? ”

Another asks:

“Hey All!!!!! This is my first post, but Ive been getting some great advice here!!!! Everyone is so cool. Im back to dancing after taking about 4 months off. It feels so GREAT to be back. I wanted to get some advice on turning down a drink politely. Dont get me wrong……I have to have some alcohol in me in order to loosen up in the beginning of the night, but after that, I just dont need it anymore( besides, I dont want to get fat!!). Is accepting and dumping it in the dressing room or bathroom the best way, or do you politely refuse? I found that in my club, the girls who dont drink at all are viewed as prudes and make the guys feel uncomfortable to be drinking alone. Any input would be great. Thanx!!!

Still another Writes


Has anyone had this done? What were your experiences with this? Were you happy with the results? I’m going for a consultation soon and wanted to hear from someone who’s had it done and what it’s like. Thanks for your imput! ”

And Finally:

Stupid things Customer’s have done…….Let’s see….

-Spilled beer on my feet and shoes

-Spilled beer on my dress

-Cinged my hair with his cigar

-Burned a spot on my dress

-Threw my dress in the potted plant instead of on the chair next to him after I tossed it on his head

-After inviting me to VIP following my stage show, asked me to find a girl for his friend. When I asked what type of girl he said, ‘It doesn’t matter, they’re all the same’. Then looked at me and said, ‘Except you of course!’ He had just been going on about how awesome he thought I was

-While sitting at the stage, commented to his friend that he didn’t like the stretchmarks on the girls onstage, loud enough that she heard him

-Got so excited tipping at the stage that he knocked his chair over

-Got so excited during a dance, when I bent over in front of him he threw his head back and hollered loud enough that everyone thought I was hurting him and the bouncer came over to see what was wrong

-Leaned over so far in his chair during a dance that the chair, he and I all went tumbling to the floor

-Tried to slide so far down in his chair during a dance that he nearly slid onto the floor (drunk)

-Got drunk and passed at the stage

-Got drunk and passed out in VIP with a girl in his lap (wasn’t my customer )

-Laughed at something I said and farted at the same time

-Tripped UP the stairs following me to VIP

It is a fascinating look into the lives of people you rarely get a chance to get to know personally, oddly enough the facades and the walls are pretty non existant here and you get a rare chance to identify with the girls as living breathing human beings with feelings and the same day to day problems we all face.

I am sure that you noticed that I haven’t named this site. yes thats true and I am not going to, at least not yet, because I don’t want these people to have to deal with the likes of Bryan Sullivan and other such imbeciles, they deal with enough of them daily I’m quite sure. If you wanna know the site and yer a dancer or an industry person email me and I will send ya the link. meantime watch here I get a feeling this won’t be the last time I write about this site.


9180cookie-checkIf ANYONE can tell me who Marc Wallace aka Mark Goldberg is working for and what name(s) he is directing under

If ANYONE can tell me who Marc Wallace aka Mark Goldberg is working for and what name(s) he is directing under

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