I Know…It’s Friday and that means I should fuck with the frogs:

But they are already fucked up enough.

There are a growing number of people – people of influence – who are saying that the U.N. has turned out to be a rather bad idea, and that the United States should give some serious consideration to pulling out.

These people are right, of course, but maybe it would be good if they could hold off for a month or so. Right now the U.N. is in the process of making itself look ridiculous, ineffective and dangerous to the U.S. and the very cause of freedom. Countries like France depend on the U.N. for a sense of national importance. If they see a possibility that their principal means of combating U.S. influence in the world is in danger of going away … they may suddenly decide to go ahead and support a new U.N. Resolution calling for an end to Saddam’s regime.

The United States doesn’t need the U.N.’s approval to disarm Saddam. Let’s get it done, and then send the U.N. packing

Look — this country defeated the Soviet Union. The end came rather quickly. Surely we can handle the U.N. when the time is right.

It Shall Come to Pass:

back in the late 1980s at a time when I was doing a good deal of public speaking, I was summoned to speak to the annual meeting of the American Telemarketing Association in Chicago. At the time I was working for a company that was heavily into predictive dialing technology and business to business telemarketing strategies. My speech was very simple I told these people in no uncertain terms that if they couldn’t see fit to regulate themselves then Washington DC would do it for them, and they would not like the results. They laughed, arguing that for Washington to do that would be an abridgement of their free speech rights blah blah. Now the telemarketing industry is reeling from legislation requiring that they maintain a national database of do not call numbers. There are restrictions on the times of day that they can call…and so on….I told them so…I led them to water even, offering suggestions to head off this government intervention, they wouldn’t drink…

Fast forward to today when the state of California is being pressured to legislate the adult industry….and porners are crying foul. I said it years ago, I have resaid it a dozen fucking times on this site and I’m going to say it once more. If you fuckers do not get off of your collective asses and act with some responsibility and restraint you are going to find that it will be done for you. It is almost too late.

If the Free Screech Cabal has any real interest in the best interest of this business they better stop stuffing collection money into their wallets long enough to get a good hard look at reality.

Jon Stern is incensed:

This paypal shit is bullshit. If anyone doesn’t think that this doesn’t have anything to with Ashcroft and his Christian Crusade, then they are an idiot. This man needs to be stopped and needs to be out of office! He has people like PayPal running scared that he is going to kill anything having to do with pornography, and he will be right if we all don’t do something about it. I don’t care if it’s worst enemy or the nastiest person in porn that everyone hates, we all need to be together on this one to stop this Christian freak!

He has already attacked one porn company, www.xxxglass.com (California Colorchangers, inc.), in a mission he called “Operation Pipe Dreams”. This is a handmade pyrex glass dildo company that he shut down claiming that they were selling drug paraphernalia, all these people make are dildos. Not only did he shut their main website downwww.colorchangingglass.com he also froze their bank accounts, and now they have to fly to Penn. once a month to go to court for selling dildos! The problem is as I see, if we let what happened to them go, and don’t do anything about it, anybody could be next! The fact that he shut this company down just goes to show he wants to control when and what women put in their bodies, and that sex is bad in his eyes!

Anyway, that is my rant. Hope you can find space on your site for it.


Jon Stern

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I Know…It’s Friday and that means I should fuck with the frogs:

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