I Have A Company Looking For A Contract Girl:

This is a FULL Time salaried contract job with bonuses. The salary is top notch, better than what most of the big video companies pay.

You will be the front girl for a website aimed at a specific market.

Ideally you have not done much work, are 21-30 with no tats (small discreet ones OK). You will have to live in the SE USA preferably the Atlanta area. There will be some travel. You should be comfy with boy/girl, girl/girl and inter-racial. The sex is pretty vanilla stuff, anal is not required but does get a bonus. Agents are welcome to contact me.

This is NOT for one of my companies, it is for a startup here in Atlanta who have solid funding and knowledge of the industry and are looking to me to help them find the right girl.

EMAIL ME Please includes at least full length photos, and a head shot, bikini or nude id fine.

Yesterday I Officially Opened the Classifieds Page:

Shannon had a resume up seeking a job in post production. In less than 24 hours she got one! Congrats.

Make Mikesouth.com classifieds work for you, they are free!

You may send your ads in the following formats:

1. Plain text

2. html, you must host the ad page, it must contain no banners, no click throughs, no dailers just an email address to respond to. 1 clickable link to your company website is permitted, links to gallerys and join pages are not. redirects and popups are not allowed and don’t even think about adding that stuff after your link has been approved, doing so will get you banned for LIFE.

You may list in any category, help wanted, work wanted, for sale, for hire whatever.

email your ad to me.


Jenna Presley Writes (and writes, and writes):

Hello Mike,
I am Jenna Presley, I am talent in the world of porn, I also just began directing for Vicious Media and Shy Love Productions. Anyway I happened to come across your site and Let me tell you, It is FANTASTIC!!!! haha One thing that blew me away were these two particular paragraphs from

“One of the most insanely frustrating things about women is the constant reassurance. No, you’re not fat. If you were fat you wouldn’t be able to fit into that size 2 dress. And yes, you look good. Guys wouldn’t be giving you free shit if you were ugly. (There’s an ulterior fucking motive for you. Hint: They’re not giving you free stuff just to be sweet.) It’s so frustrating having to constantly answer those questions, only to not be believed. It’s like trying to convince someone that the sky is blue. You’re not blind, you’re not even color blind. You can see that the sky is blue. Yet you continue to ask what color the sky is. I tell you it’s blue. I know that you know what color blue is. And even though I’ve told you that the sky is blue about fifty-million times, you still have to ask because…I don’t know…maybe it’s not blue today. The sky is fucking blue goddammit! You’re not fucking fat! You’re not fucking ugly! You know it, I know it, everyone fucking knows it!

And fuck all you ultra-hot girls that bitch about the most retarded things. Yeah, all men are fucking pigs because they stare at your boobs. I’m sure it has nothing to do with the fact that you’re wearing a skin tight low cut shirt that has ‘Bebe’ printed across your boobs… one ‘Be’ per boob. It’s totally unfair that you have to put up with guys staring at you all the time just because you like to look sexy. And boo hoo, it’s so hard for you to meet a nice guy. Well actually it isn’t, because the shoulder your crying on belongs to a nice guy. He’s the one that puts up with all your stupid shit. And yet you some how end up with all the assholes. I’m sure that it has nothing to do with the fact that you’re holding out for a six foot tall alpha-male fire fighter with a trust fund.”

Oh My god!! This Guy Is a GENIOUS!!! GIRLS, LADIES WHORES, WHICHEVER YOU RESFER, This guy said EVERYTHING in those two paragraphs that I have been trying to explain my whole life, well for about a year anyway. (Talk too much i suppose)NOT, I just have the mentality of A FUCKING GUY…

Mike I want to help these boys out though, STOP HAVING FREE SEX!! YOU GET PAID ON CAMERA, So if you want a girl That doesnt resemble these two paragraphs, THEN QUIT FUCKING HER AND TELLING her, “YOU are NOT my girlfriend.” MOST girls think that if you fuck them once FOR FREE OFF CAMERA, THEN SHIT, youre getting married, OH and I BETTER be invited to that, Its Jenna Presley, Put me on the guest list haha

FOR EXAMPLE!!! Which, this IS a TRUE example, I DO NOT fuck guys off camera unless we are in a monogomus relationship.(I KNOW, porn? MONAGAMY? To me it is work, NOT extremely enjoyable, AND it is a PAYCHECK) So until hes ready to be exclusive, THE BALLS IN MY COURT. NO SEX.. You want a whore? Watch my movies. GIRLS in porn have trouble distinguishing a PRIVATE life from a WORK/PORNO life, You think fucking Ron Jeremy Is going to make you famous? WRONG!!! (Believe it or not) He has respect for girls that DO NOT fuck him. NO ONE wants your old loose cunt, they get that work…

Anyway… BOYS, On myspace i was frustrated w/ guys having NOT an ounce of respect for me until they slept over 5 times and STILL did NOT get laid… So heres what I wrote:
its titled FUCK BOYS:

Dec 27, 2005:
“Please, let me explain this to you!! Im in porn, I have sex EVERYDAY!! What makes these boys that I get invloved with think that ALL I want is SEX??? NOOOOO I have feelings and emotions, im not a fucking blow up doll! I want a relationship… I want a guy to appriciate me, and buy me dinner without the thought of “I BETTER GET LAID FOR THIS!” You should invite me over as a girfriend with the feeling of excitement because you get to cuddle with a NICE girl, that just so happens to do porn. Im in porn and in my WORK life, yes, im a whore, no nice words needed. BUT In my PERSONAL life, I want to be loved and adored, im not materialistic so burn me a fucking cd with songs that remind you of me! Am I doing something wrong? Why do you ONLY want sex? Why are you suddenly SCARED of relationships? waaaaa I Just want to come home to a boy thats happy to see me, casue thats the biggest turn on, and then without even expecting it… YOULL GET LAID!”

Let me explain though that I am NOT saying that I want a relationship, I am telling a guy that when were friends, theres NO sex, I have Respect for not ONLY myself, but for the friendships in my life, YEA we can have sex and not be in a relationship, BUT WHY THE FUCK WOULD I DO THAT, When I ALWAYS get paid for that? Makes NO sence… With that said… LAIDIES STOP BRINGING TALENT HOME WHEN YOU ARE DONE W/ YOURE SCENE, WHEN YOU JUST GOT PAID $8-1,100, TO FUCK HIM VAG!! NOW YOUR ARE GOING TO FUCK HIM FOR FREE?? Go home and RELAX.. Go to a movie.. GO TALK YOURSELF TO SLEEP, CAUSE THAT GUY THAT YOU ARE BRINGING HOME JUST WANTS TO FUCK YOU AGAIN! MAKE HIM GO HOME STILL WANTING YOU! GIRLS, DO YOU LIKE BOYS THAT WONT SHUT THE FUCK UP AND ARE ALL OVER YOU? Really? You DONT? Yea Me NEITHER. And Sorry But Boys dont like that either!! Oh Mike, This ALL makes sense in my head. BASICALLY, I want girls in porn to leave this buisness If they are having free sex all the time, Because if gives, what I like to call, US CLASSY WHORES, A bad name. I dont care, YES, i said it, im a whore BUt WHEN AND ONLY WHEN I AM AT WORK.!!! So STOP giving us girls a bad name and Close your fucking legs when you are at home. UNLESS it you boyfriend, girlfriend,or spouse of course.. If thats the case, GIRL Get your ASS home, STOP TALKING and fuck your man the way HE likes it for once… RELAX take turns, tomorrow Make him fuck you how you like it. A Relationship SHOULD be BOTH mentally and Physically stimulating and enjoyable for BOTH of the partners, NOT JUST ONE

Okay, well Mike hope you were half as bit interested in what I had to say as I was on your site!! Once again… Its AWESOME.. I ABSOLUTELY LOVE YOUR HONESTY Keep it up baby haha

xoxo Jenna Presley

So….Ummm Are we gonna fuck or what?…LOL

I love Texicans.


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I Have A Company Looking For A Contract Girl:

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