Here’s the Official Announcement:

Here’s the Official Announcement:

Digital Playground is pleased to announce the official signing of Penthouse Pet, Jana Cova to exclusive contract. Company President, Samantha says, “Jana is an all natural beauty and she is such a professional and a fantastic addition to the Digital Playground team. I love everything she’s done with us so far and I’m excited to continue our work together.” Company founder and director, Joone agrees, “Adding Jana Cova to our roster was a must. Not only is she the most gorgeous girl around, the synergy is wonderful, all of our exclusive contract girls love her and want her on board.” Jana is very happy to be on Digital Playground’s team. She says, “I loved working on Story of J and in Jack’s Playground; the cast and crew was wonderful to me. I love their beautiful girls, Jesse Jane, Devon, Teagan, Janine and now I get to work with them, all the time! I’ve worked for some of the best companies in the adult industry and Digital Playground is where I belong.”

A native of the Czech Republic, Jana Cova showed up in a 2002 issue of Penthouse magazine. Her all natural body, gorgeous face, blonde hair and blue eyes sent shock waves around the world. With a shy, sweet demure, Jana started her career very slowly taking it all in. As she continued posing, she began to find strength in her naked sexuality, landing magazine cover after magazine cover and her demand skyrocketed. Today, self assured and excited, she executed her contract with Digital Playground and she smiled, confident that she had made the right decision.

If you are working media on assignment and you would like to schedule exclusive interviews or layouts with Jana Cova, or any of Digital Playground’s stars, directors or principles, please contact [email protected].

Jack’s Playground and Story of J are trademarks of Digital Playground, Inc., and all rights are reserved worldwide.

Wait! AVN Got Something I Didn’t:

“Jana tells me she will only be doing girl/girl movies, but that she will appear in 27 scenes over the 24-month span.”

ONLY Girl/Girl? How worthless is that? If yer gonna be in porn you fuck, if you aren’t interested in fucking go hang out at the Czech lesbian bars…..

The New Digital Playground Contract Girl Is: ( Another exclusive but I think the 800lb gorilla is right behind me)

Jana Cova, Nobody guessed her either. I didn’t even see that one coming but it is a logical choice…Congrats to Jana.

Who’s That Girl:

Top vote getter in the name the DP Contract girl that is about to be named is “Who Cares” followed closely by Lauren Pheonix. Pheonix is a good bet and the odds on favorite even though her ass might be a tad hefty for Jewns taste. I figure a personal trainer could take care of that.

Other speculations include Stormy (highly unlikely), Missy Monroe and Nick Manning, but I have been assured that new girl does not hook on E2K so that would rule out Nick.

Oh and I tell ya who cares….ummm wait…lemme get back to ya on that…..OH YA…A-dell cares by God.

Carmen Makes A New Fan: (BT Writes)

Mike: I’ve seen photos and advertisement for Carmen L’s vid’s over the last year or so, but never bothered to rent or buy one. I saw one day on AVN that she was doing her first anal for The Perfect Secretary. Then you began touting her as your new favorite. So, when I saw that The Perfect Secretary was out on DVD, I ordered it.

And man, I gotta tell you: I’m now a convert. The lady is cute and hot!
She will be happy to read that…and she really is a doll she is always professional, doesnt get fucked up, doesnt act out…a total pleasure to be around.

BT Replies:

Doesn’t get fucked up. Always professional.

Sounds like she doesn’t have much of a career ahead of her …..

And Vivid signing Jenna for another 7 years! Got to be a development deal. I can’t imagine watching Jenna Jameson for another seven years. Even Jenna’s shelf life ain’t that long.

Jennas 15 minutes were up …. well a long time ago.
A Somewhat Overdue Post Mortem On LVNI:

When I got the call from Steve Lane I was more than a little surprised, they wanted ME in a novelty licensing deal? I mean I probably have more sex appeal than Ron Jeremy but hell Ronnie is an icon, a legend, I’m just a gun totin, Libertarian pronographer 3000 miles away from porn.

But Steve assured me that he had discussed it with Serenity and that they thought my down home, good ole boy character was a good gimmick for a line of novelties. I wasn’t about to say no.

I always liked Steve and Serenity, said many times on this site and elsewhere that porn needed more girls with Serenitys class and it still does. Now moreso than ever I suppose but apparently the days of a classy porn chick with style and grace have fallen by the wayside in favor of disposeable teens who do everything their first week in the biz and get used up and spat out to make room for the next flavor of the day, but I digress.

I remember my photo shoot out in L.A. Sean Michaels was scheduled the same day. Here was Sean in his black and white suit looking all dapper, here was me barefoot in overalls (At least they were Dickies) with the legs rolled up. If I had a shred of dignity I’d have been appalled.

It’s all good though, this is porn we have taken absurdity to new levels and we enjoy it. I know I enjoyed every minute of that shoot. The ride was short, in spite of my 5 year contractual obligation ( I haven’t heard from the new owners and I don’t know if they will further develop my line or if I will be bought out.) the ride was fun though. Steve and Serinity are good folks and I love them and wish them nothing but the best.

Thanks for the Rides guys…you are the best!

E2K Busted? Fast Eddie Writes In The PSE Group:

I received three phone calls this evening from several sources that informed me that E2K canceled all tours, told the PSEs not to come to the office and are not answering their phones.

One PSE landed in NYC this afternoon and could not reach anyone at the agency and as a result can’t get to her bookings.

If anyone hears anything else, let us know.

There were two or three high profile agency busts in NYC a few months ago, and it was rumored at that time that E2K was under investigation. So it’s possible that this is the next phase of LE’s crackdown on escorting in the Big Apple.

If E2K has indeed been busted, it’s just another indicator that the hobby is on the verge of entering a new era. I think the golden age of the PSE agency is over. Partly for political reasons (which is a topic for a seperate discussion), but also, and I think for a larger part, due to the economic realities of post 9/11 America.

The free ride that the Clinton administration gave to the entire adult movie/adult services industries in general was, in my opinion, in a large part responsible for the proliferation of the various high-profile escort agencies (PSE and otherwise) that have flourished over the last 10 years or so.

But because of the current economic climate, most of the agencies have significantly decreased the amount of the girl’s expenses they cover. Airfare and hotel costs, which used to be paid partially or fully, has been reduced or eliminated, and even if they are partially covered the girls are now usually required to front the costs themselves and
be reimbursed by the agency later. In the majority of cases, (I think partly out of fear of the Mann Act), airfare has been entirely eliminated as a covered expense. So the benefits of booking exclusively through an agency aren’t what they once were. Add to that the fact that competition has dramatically increased… there are a LOT of new so-called “PSEs” popping up almost daily who’s names hardly anybody recognizes. I’ve done and google searches on most of them and in many cases there are little or no hits on their names. So these days it costs the PSE more out of her own pocket to tour and there are a lot more girls in the same city at the same time then there used to be, many of whom are booking directly at significantly lower rates than the agencies.

The results are that many of the savvy PSE’s (at least the ones without big egos) are beginning to realize that at half the agency rate they can triple their number of appointments and end up making a lot more money by booking directly.

So if the heyday of the PSE agency is over, what does the future hold? My GUESS is that four things are likely to occur…

1. Some ladies will simply quit the business entirely out of fear of increased LE scrutiny or from an inability to handle their own tours.

2. Most of the (few) very big name pornstars who are openly available through an agency will disappear and go under the radar.

3. Many of the better known pornstars who aren’t already booking directly will begin doing so at one half to two thirds the agency rates, and

4. The no-name, gonzo and web type PSEs will fall into the upper end of the non-PSE escort range at $300-$500 per hour.

Ultimately this may benefit both the PSEs and the hobbyists alike, especially those hobbyists who live in places like LA and NYC. Lower prices for the guys and less competition, higher volume and consequently more money for the ladies. One possible downside for hobbyists in secondary or terciary markets like Mpls, Detroit, Chicago, and I’m sad to say, Philly, etc., is that they probably won’t be seeing as many pornstars coming to those cities as previously did.

So that’s how I see it… then again, I could be wrong.

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Here’s the Official Announcement:

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