Goddess writes:

After reading over the AVN award nominees, I am amazed that they ever narrow the winner down to one. Some of those categories had 15 & 16 nominations! IMHO, they should be narrowed down to about five before they are ever released to the public. Adult videos have either suddenly become on par with Hollywood productions or AVN is just finding a way to appease as many people as possible by having so many nominees in each category. Hell, even the Oscars don’t have that many films jammed into one category. I guess because they realize that a ‘good’ film is not necessarily an ‘award winning film.’ Unfortunately I don’t place much stock in any awards when I see the name Ed Powers. And when I see it FOUR TIMES in TWO CATEGORIES, well then I REALLY don’t have much faith in their system.

PS Explain something to me if they’ve seen your tape, and enough of it to nom it, why do they need each person to send in 20 copies of each video?

You know I should prolly just keep my mouth shut here, but that isn’t like me and Goddess is right…Any awards that nominate Ed Powers as “Best” of anything stinks to high heaven as we say down here in the south. I’m sorry folks but that stuff is just plain out shit.

XXX writes:

I have been in porn for many years, I was here when you came in. If you still cling to the belief that the AVN Awards are anyting but a big scam then you are as naive as a prom queen on a Max Hardcore shoot. If the AVN Awards are so unbiased why is it you have to nominate yourself? The XRCO Awards are a better measure of the best of the best.

I maybe am naive I do believe there are a ton of politics associated with the AVN Awards but I still don’t think they are “fixed” per se. I was surprised to get this email and you do have many more years in this biz than I do and I do respect your opinion.

RickL Writes:

Ed fucking Powers? You are kidding me right?

No Rick, I am not.

Marc writes:

What you band of fuck ups need to do is stop patting yourselves on the back and start making better porn, you are losing market share to the internet and you will continue to do so until you pull your stupid fucking heads out of your asses and improve your product. Half of the nominations on the AVN list are unwatchable, unstrokeable garbage.

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Goddess writes:

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