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Geez, I am becoming an e-mail groupie on your site but I have to say a word about Dave Cummings. How did we all get so lucky as to have this man in our industry. I think he is a real hero and after reading his account of his long and illustrious military career, I have to add that he was being humble and just listed what he did with no real details about honors and services he provided for all Americans. I distribue Dave’s movies ( Sugar Daddy, Sex Fun and Kneepad Nymphos)and I love doing that but I love more the man and his great integrity for everyone. This is someone I truly respect and love. Anyone who does not know Dave is missing a wonderful experience. Yup, God Bless America and Dave, too. Gigi

I agree Dave is a helluva nice guy and a real hero. His service to this country and this industry is without oa doubt, exemplary.

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Gigi Writes:

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