General Stuff For The Weekend and an Invite to Share Your Views Here!

Y’all may remember a while back I posted about my long time best friend Tim Walker winning a writing contest. I posted his winning entry and speculated that Tim should be writing for mainstream publications just like so many of the people who have written for this site over the years.

Well I pushed Tim to talk to a Magazine Publisher and I pushed them to talk to Tim.   Result Tim is making great extra money writing for “Dayton Magazine”  Congrats to Tim I am very proud of the quality of contributors to this site over the years.  writers here have gone on to write for mainstream publications  at a rate that I never in a million years expected.

When I ask the reasons I get is that whether you agree or not is honest and it attracts people who are intelligent and when one of them comments it inspires others to do so as well.  The real big thing though is that is not cluttered with press releases and advertisements and other things that dilute the editorial content.  It is all original.  I want to remind all my readers that I have a VERY open editorial policy,  If you write something for and it is original, honest and NOT a press release I will run it, even if it disagrees with my own thoughts….specially if it disagrees with me.

So why is it that people in the biz don’t take more advantage of that?  Well part of the reason is that unlike AVN and XBiz I do hold you to a standard of having to be honest.  I would be happy to run an editorial by Eric Leue on Prop 60 for example but I am NOT going to allow him to flat out lie to my readers, if you make a statement of fact make sure you at least have something to back it up, opinions are exactly that and are welcomed as such.  Something aspiring writers should consider about  what you write will be read if it is posted here, If AVN publishes you only about 1 in 10 readers will actually read it, mostly because it is lost in a myriad of press releases.

I have had people from the industry as well as fans who write here, if you want to contribute on an ongoing basis you will even get an authors login to post anytime you like and I don’t even have to approve it.  I would love for more people to take advantage of this. Over the years Tim Case, Felicia Fox, Lindsey Lovehands, Julie Meadows, Kayden Kross, Brett Rossi, Lacey, Tim Tricht, and lots of directors, fans and performers have been published here.  I would love to add to that list.

Who knows what may come of it…..Have a great weekend everyone! Love You Long Time!


139610cookie-checkGeneral Stuff For The Weekend and an Invite to Share Your Views Here!

General Stuff For The Weekend and an Invite to Share Your Views Here!

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