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Mitch Farber of Netbilling writes: In case any EU clients need assistance, we can help establish an EU merchant account for you to process with Netbilling if your monthly volume is over 50k for adult or 10k for mainstream. There is no Visa/Mastercard reg fees at this time but you must have an EU corp.


Toll Free within the US: xxxxxxx
Outside the US: xxxxxxxxx

Ya, Right, these are the same assholes that 2 years ago cost me EVERY European customer I had because they didn’t stay on top of billing regulations, so I lost every one who was a Visa or Mastercard customer…Netbilling…GoFuckYourself.


hi mike my man.

I’m only sending this to you, but i had a few back and forth emails with cindy crawford about the jill kelly shit and i think i went to far on the last one but who cares. I like that girl. She was good on the radio show with wankis but she must be drugged out or something because she doesnt understand taking responsibility for your own actions.

I enclosed the emails.

keep it up my man.


ChimpytheChatter wrote:


I’m reading all this crazy shit with jill kelly and wankis and ksex and you and other girls. it’s wild. I wish you and wankis could have made it all work. you were great on the show and he always raved about you even after you left. well best of luck in the future.

TigerEyezxcstacy[Cindy Crawford] wrote:


What have you heard and where? – cindy



ChimpytheChatter wrote:


im just reading all the news sites about jkp and ksex. your name comes up sometimes too.,, a bunch of them.


its a shame…i thought you and wankis made a good team.


boy did jill kelly look kind of dumb though. she said shes banning her girls from ksex and telling them not to show up. reason? because they werent showing up. kind of silly to me.



TigerEyezxcstacy[Cindy Crawford] wrote:


jill did not ban them for not showing up, she banned us from ksex because he is not being respectful and instead of appologizing for slandering me, as i did for not showing up, he is dragging my name through the mud. and for what? because his ego is too big to say im sorry. cindy



ChimpytheChatter wrote:


so if you were suppose to be there and you didn’t show up or call why is ksex or wankis at fault? thats the funny thing and all the news sites are pointing it out. how is it slander when he didnt talk trash about you? he just told what happened. did you not show up for shows? did you call him and tell him you werent coming? is he lying about what happened? because if he is, thats wrong. but if hes not, you probably owe him a sorry or somethin.


Even with all the hub bub wankis spoke highly of you. then when jill stuck up for her girls that didnt show up, she looked really dumb. i just thijnk it stinks because i like you a lot and think you and wankis can still make a great team. why dont you just call him and tell him your sorry for not showing up and put an end to it all?


wankis isnt no jill kelly but hes pretty well known and sometimes making enemies with the media is a scary choice to make when youre an entertianer.


i just read today, ksex just signed lexingtin steel, gauge, ginger lynn, tina tyler and felicia fox. thats pretty heavey duty. if i was in the porn busness, id want a press horse like them on my side.


-No Response Yet Mike-

Don’t hold yer breath brother, she prolly isn’t allowed to talk to you anymore either!

Aurora Snow at Sin City:

She has been signed to a Sin City “Contract” Sin City is a bit FUBAR though…High Low on the life of this contract is 4 months.

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Gee With Friends like this Who Needs Enemies:

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