Fuck Microsoft, AOL and Yahoo:

All three willingly turned over their data to the feds, just for the asking, only Google said no. That should tell you who should get your business. Yahoo even turns data over to the Chinese Government.

Ebola Monkey Man Writes: (Hit his site while yer at…that is some seriously funny stuff!)

Stephen Baldwin – What the fuck is wrong with you Honkey???????? This mother fucker has decided to crusade against a adult movie store. I guess Hollywood finally woke up and said “wait a second, this ass clown makes movies tank.” Not much going on any more Stephen? He said “I’m just doing what the Lord’s telling me to do.” The lord doesn’t want you to do that, I talked to him between my meeting with the tooth fairy and my tennis session with big foot. All he wants is for you to stop making movies….like yesterday. If I owned that porn store, I’d make a deal with him. I’d draw up a contract that states “I will close this place down if you agree to never, ever, ever, ever make another movie, appear on any TV show, or stand in front of any camera. Plus you have to move to Maine and disappear.” It would be worth it to me. I truly believe, in my heart of hearts, that his movies are more harmful than any porno. Why? Because they completely waste your time when you watch them. Life is short and you’ll never get that time back when you watch a Stephen Baldwin movie. I’ve never watched a porno and thought I wasted my time.
Ebola Monkey Man


17720cookie-checkFuck Microsoft, AOL and Yahoo:

Fuck Microsoft, AOL and Yahoo:

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