From my new pals Aaron & Donna…nice as hell folks I met recently in Florida:

South. Mike South.

Sorry… Can’t get the James Bond theme out of my head this morning…

Caught Felicia’s show at Wild Side last night. Simply awesome. Couldn’t
tell she just drove 18 hours to get here. Sign of a true professional who
loves her work.

Tim looked like he wandered into Greyhound bus traveling 75 mph & might
collapse at a moments notice. Definitely had that “am I still in the van
moving?” look in his eyes. But he too performed his duties above & beyond
the call.

Nothing that a good night’s sleep won’t cure… which hopefully they got
since the management thoughtfully let them skip the 2nd show last night.
Club was dead, typical for a Wednesday in South Florida with two or three
hurricanes churning uncomfortably close to home. Tends to make the natives
restless & unusually tight with their $1’s.

Barring a CAT 5 bearing down on us I suspect Wild Side will be packed this
weekend with eager fans sporting fists full of dollars.

BTW – on you music video experience… Having produced programs for everyone
from Playboy to PBS, I can assure you your experience is neither unusual nor
uncommon and not limited to the world of music videos (although bands do
seem to make more than their moral share of outlandish “requests”).
Delivering quality product all too often takes a back seat to delivering a
good time (which probably explains why I have walls of awards and an anemic
bank account). I remember a former client – a major appliance manufacturer
– who routinely awarded their prime production contracts to the company that
provided it’s department execs with posh hotel rooms stocked with cold
champagne & hot women. Unfortunately learned that insider tip a little too

Enough rambling. Gotta start collecting bottles so I can catch Felicia’s
show Friday night.

Take care!

Aaron (and Donna, who agrees with everything I said by default because she’s
still in bed).

Thanks Y’all Felicia (Fifi to us) is in fact a damn fine performer as you noted. Be sure and tell em I said hello!

5080cookie-checkFrom my new pals Aaron & Donna…nice as hell folks I met recently in Florida:

From my new pals Aaron & Donna…nice as hell folks I met recently in Florida:

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