10 Chapters for Tim Case’s book How to be a Suitcase Pimp

1. Collecting the stage tips, knee pads vs. no pads
2. How to stuff 50 pounds of costumes in a 20 pound trunk without wrinkles
3. Polaroid, 8x10s, Posters, getting the right mix
4. Name brand luggage vs. the knock offs
5. How wheeled suitcases reduced hernias
6. Boyfriends don’t get tipped; faking expense receipts
7. Minivans; mileage and carrying capacity vs. coolness
8. Trim your nails BEFORE tucking in the tampon strings
9. Convincing yourself naming your girl and yourself “team whatever” is not gay
10. Convincing yourself that you don’t taste her last boyfriend’s dick when you kiss her
Damn That’s Cold….

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