Fox Reality Show Casting Adult Actresses

New show designed to prove that adult stars can be good actresses with the right training

HOLLYWOOD, CA — Fox Reality and Zig Zag Productions have teamed up and are set to produce “My Bare Lady,” a reality show featuring a number of adult film stars as they train with a London stage director in order to debut a classic play in London. During the duration of the taping of this show, camera crews will follow many of the stars in their daily lives and like many reality shows, over time, eliminations will reduce the number of contestants down to a small group of impressive finalists. The lucky finalists will shoot 2 weeks in Los Angeles and then 3 weeks in London on an all expenses paid trip (travel and hotel accommodations). There, the winners will perform in an actual stage production in the well respected London’s West End theatre district.

Those interested in being part of the show need not be on top of their acting game. In shows like this, viewers love controversy and wild examples of all caliber talent. Adult stars will be allowed to use their actual adult name and the promotional value and exposure in the mainstream arena alone makes this a very good opportunity for up and coming performers.

Casting calls by appointment only are being held June 19th through June 21st. All levels of adult performers are encouraged to meet; from new performers to elite contract girls to those who have already retired. If you are an adult performer who is interested in being on the show or have questions regarding the details and requirements, please contact Michelle at Beitchman & Zekian, PC, 213-488-1115, to schedule a casting meeting with the producers and Fox executives.

WOW! I Have Had A PILE Of Emails On Paige:

Seems You guys love her…Heres a few samples.

“Its nice to see a girl like Paige getting into porn, the fake tits, tats and bleach are so 1990s”

“Beauty and brains, that is quite a combination, I hope she fucks as good as she looks”

“Please don’t let her sign with a company that won’t let her be nasty”

” I normally don’t buy adult magazines , but I am going to pick up that copy of Genesis”

“If she has all that education why in God’s name does she want to do porn?:

“When will her pictures be up on”

“I really went to school with her we even had some of the same classes, tell her Jeff said hello! How about more pictures of her?”

Wankus Gets Serious:

While you were obviously bored and needed to make something out of nothing just to get a rise out of me, I’ll give you a response. Probably not as defensive and witty as you may want, but the correct response none-the-less.

First of all, when I’m hosting The Wanker Show with Rebecca Love, Michelle Lay or Tyler Faith, I’m not Wankus the Program Director, partner, etc., I’m a show host. You’ve heard the old expression, “Such and suches comments do not reflect the views of management, the corporation, yaddy yaddy yaddy.” As much as on paper you can’t separate the two, there really is a difference between hosting a show and releasing your personality on air and making decisions as a company. Tyler and my views about the act Daisy so proudly bragged about, shooting an endangered species, pissing on his balls and having sex next to his body are our personal views. It is of our opinion that a person who would do that kind of porn shoot for a quick buck and then brag about it is not only a scumbag but one of the many negative examples of why mainstream America hates the world of adult.

Second, Ultimate Entertainment Group has begun shooting adult films, this is true. The have shot a few movies in Los Angeles and shot a few days in Florida (not as you stated, “A LOT” of shoots). I am told that they did book their Florida talent through an agency that represents Daisy Duxxx but I fail to see how our comments about a person’s character relates in anyway to the agency she’s booked through and why they should be made to suffer because they have a moron on their roster. If that was the case, we would have NO agencies.

Further, Tyler and I contacted Daisy this week to try to get her on the show almost a year later as we’re told Daisy has an explanation and wants to defend herself. We have not heard back from her as of yet.

The bottom line Mikey…There’s a hell of a lot of people that can’t stand Wankus but they still visit and appear on other shows on While I’m the loudest mouth in the line up, most people are smart enough to realize that even though those crazy executives at UEG employ this maniac, they can still be part of the KSEX fun without having to deal with him. Ya get it now or was this not clear enough?

I still say yer being hypocritical! Poor Daisy LOL

And Finally, Aaron writes:

I hear tell that Digital Playground is releasing a version of “Pirates” that will be carried by Blockbuster… I’m assuming it’s rated Arrrr….



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Fox Reality Show Casting Adult Actresses

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