Felicia Fox and Layla Jade on the Front Page of USA Today:

On the weekend edition of USA Today, theres a front page photo of a handfull of porn chicks, the only two who are recognizeable are Fifi and Layla, the others either arent looking at the camera or are obscured. The article is on the mainstream acceptance of porn. Mainstream acceptance, ya right, they are bigger whores than any pornstar I know, if it makes money, most mainstream people I know will sell their children to get it.

Anyway congrats to Fifi and Layla on what I believe to be a first!

The Billboard They Had to Take Down:

Yep this Billboard was actually in several places around Atlanta last week but it is no more, seems people got their boxers in a bunch over it and 96 Rock attorneys advised them to take it down.. Too bad I thought it summed it up well…Course I wouldn’t do Madonna…Damn she is old as me and no telling where THAT has been.

Yet Another:

Of all the 12 years I’ve been editing in this biz… Kramski was the ONLY director I walked out on – he was the most difficult person I’ve ever had the
displeasure of working with. I didn’t even ask for any money for the work I had completed – just handed the project back and told him to get lost.

Of all the people I have written about only Rob Black Drew more hate mail that Kramski. It seems that Nobody likes this guy.

Kill Bill, Kill Me….:

I went and saw Kill Bill, the new Quentin Tarrantino movie last night with my friend Lisa. Id sooner have been poked in the eye with a sharp stick. Supposedly a “homage” to martial arts movies of the seventies, this was nothing short of Tarrantino masturbating in front of the world for two hours, and that was LISA’s description. Indeed the whole thing was little more than a self indulgent, over stylized turd.

I have never seen so many people get up and walk out of a movie as I did this one, and when the day comes that I meet my maker and have to stand before him/her and explain that two hours of my life, I will simply hang my head. I have seen better movies from Vivid.

9860cookie-checkFelicia Fox and Layla Jade on the Front Page of USA Today:

Felicia Fox and Layla Jade on the Front Page of USA Today:

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