FAME, what you get is no tomorrow. FAME, what you need you have to borrow:

Yes I was there for the conference call, I was graced with the presence of Paul Fishbein, Dan Davis, Bob Christian, Brian Gross, Katy Zhowever youspellherlastname (Adam and Eve PR chick who is actually damn hot not to mention nice) and a handfull of others. We all got the scoop on the FAME AWARDS.

Apparently the idea is to let the unwashed masses decide who and what is the best. Given the state of our political system and the public schools I am not so sure that allowing any given heathen to vote, even though he may have never seen a porn in his life, is such a good idea…I mean it did get us both Clinton and Bush did it not?

But its probably a good idea, giving production companies newfound ways to spend money with advertising to educate you on what you should vote for.

The Big show will be during Erotica L.A. in Jewn…I mean Joone….I mean June.

Im guessing the outcome will be predictable…unlesss…….hmmmm.

Brian Writes:

Are you talking about the classy, black & white studio shots of the Wicked contract actresses? I thought they were beautifully done and stunning. Looking through the big January AVN they stood out as saying “this is high-end (some would say snobby, I guess) adult fare.” I liked the pictures so much I got Julia Ann, Jessica Drake and Carment Hart to sign them at an appearance in Baltimore this past weekend. Oh well, difference of opinion.
I really do enjoy reading your column a lot. Keep it up.

Thanks Brian…Hey art is subjective but I thought it made Stormy look old…BUT here’s the real deal…if it sells movies for you…it worked, whether I like it or not.

I Leave For Dayton Today meaning Updates Should Be Interesting:

For the next week…no it isnt cuz Goddess is writing them…she is hiding from me cuz she knew I’d ask.

Wed night we have stripper karaoke at Flamingo Showclub in Dayton. Drop my name at the door and you get in for ONLY 5 bucks

Come on out and join us…you aint lived till you have heard a buncha midwest farm boys singing karaoke while corn fed peelers try to dance to it.


18290cookie-checkFAME, what you get is no tomorrow. FAME, what you need you have to borrow:

FAME, what you get is no tomorrow. FAME, what you need you have to borrow:

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