Erica More Writes:

Hi Mike, I am new to reading your site and semi-new talent in the industry. I just wanted to say that i really liked reading your stats on the child molestation, but I think our goverment needs an escape goat for everything so they blame us for the abuse. It keeps the common person at ease to think that there is someone to blame other than the sick assholes doing it. I mean look at the time these idoits get for thier crimes, not enough as far as Im concerned! I am a mother of 4 girls and 1 boy and I know that as a woman in porn my children will grow up more sexually adjusted than I was with parents who needed someone to blame like our goverment does the porn industry.

Thanks for your insight! Erica More

JimmyD Writes:

your VERY relevant piece *IS* verrrrrrry relevant. yep, you’re right on the money. but you’re preaching to the wrong congregation. what you wrote should go out as a “letter to the editor” to every major newspaper in the country. it should go to other media outlets. it shoud go to senators and congressmen. it should go to any and all political action groups who might give a shit about this.

you’re a rocket scientist. figure out a rocket science way to get this out.
btw, if what some people have said and/or written about Skeeter recently is true, are your statistics now dated? e.g., does the first one now become 99,999 to 1?

And Mark Kernes:

Maybe Kernes can explain it. >>
Of course. Considering that in the last 20 years, there have been exactly four (4) underage performers who snuck into the business with fake IDs (Traci, Alexandria Quinn, gay guy Jeff Browning and that girl in Sugar 2 whose name I can’t remember) — importantly, they were not BROUGHT into the business and then GIVEN fake IDs — the obvious primary function of the new regs is harassment.



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Erica More Writes:

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