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Hope all is well brother. Kudos to you for speaking up on the Outdoor Sports thing.

There has been a lot of talk about this whole water buffalo incident. It’s amazing that people have made this big a deal out of it. People kill for sport all the time. There’s countless videos of people’s safaris. People kill all kinds of animals in Africa that you never would think would be on the list. I met someone one who actually hunted a giraffe once. The whole time I’m listening to him, I was thinking “why would anyone want to kill a fucking giraffe?” As someone who is pro gun (obviously), I’ve never felt the urge to hunt. There is not a duck or deer on this planet that has to fear me. When I glance at these hunting videos that play on loops during gun shows, it turns my stomach. It’s the same feeling I get when I see a Max Hardcore film and he’s pretty much beating the shit out of a girl! Same feeling I got when Rocco basically choked out Savannah Samson in An Angel in Paris.

There’s an old saying that goes “clean up your own backyard.” Don’t break out into tears about a buffalo while you are wearing leather boots. Over the years, most of the people I’ve met that are against hunting and killing animals are wearing at least three of them between their shoes, pants, belt and coat. Don’t hurt the Buffalo but fucking kill that animal that my boots are made out of. Momma’s got to look good tonight. Club that fucking seal if it makes me fashionable. Jumping into animal rights mode out of nowhere is as lame as listening to those crazy religious people go “I’m against abortion, except in the case of rape.” WHAT??????????

As brutal as it is, hunting will always be around. It’s a way of life. 98% of the hunters out there do it the right way and consume the animal. Ignore the the company and they’ll go away. The more attention they get, the more money they make, the longer they stay. Heaven forbid you they get the NRA on their side. I’ve seen them take a stand on things like this, even when they shouldn’t, because they interpreted as trying to take their gun rights away. It’s a fight the porn industry doesn’t need.

Ebola Monkey Man

Couldn’t have said it better myself.

I Have Been Watching This Whole Outdoor Sports Thing With Bemused Interest:

Now AVN has come out and stated on the record how appalled they are that someone in our biz would harm an animal for someone elses sexual pleasure. they are railing about how someone like this could bring unwanted attention by the feds to our little squeeky clean industry.

Imagine, killing a buffalo and having sex next to it…

Now on the one hand I am an old school conservationist. That means if you eat what you kill I have no problem with you killing it. Nature designed the food chain and predators are indeed a necessary part of that food chain. Guess what? Humans are, in fact predators, and we are in fact a part of that food chain.

On the other hand I have a serious problem with killing anything just to kill it. That shit is wrong at any level you wanna look at it.

But what amuses me here is that most of the people crying aout and wailing over this Buffalo have no problem grilling chickens, eating Wendy’s Burgers…whatever…is it hypocrisy? Of course it is…but then they didn’t kill that cow or those chickens up close and personal….They let someone else do it.

I do applaud AVN for finally taking a stance on something but to say that these people are going to bring undue attention to our industry while you give praise to morons like Rob Black and Khan Tusion is nothing short of being…well disingenuous. Let’s face it to say that an animal can’t consent is certainly correct. To praise Steve Holmes for repeatedly choking out Roxy Giselle and then go so far as to pre-nom it certainly doesn’t do much to uphold their unwanted attention from the feds argument.

It’s time to tell it like it is y’all…In the grand scheme of it all it seems OK with the folks over at AVN if you kill Roxy Giselle, after all, she is just a disposable porn chick, but killing a water buffalo…well that’s something to get all up in arms about.

I wish we cared as much about each other in this biz as we do a buffalo that was going to end up in your hamburger anyway.


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